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Don’t be stressed about your accounts – take full financial control with Sage One integration.

The key to a stress-free life has always been  good organisation, if everything’s in order, all in the one place,
it immediately removes the stress of hunting down that needle in the haystack.

The same applies to your accounts. If you have your accounts spread out in various systems it makes the whole process more complex and time consuming. Save yourself the headache of feeding rights sales and royalty commissions from your library software to your company accounts by doing it all in one system with our ingenious Sage One integration module.

Invoicing – when images are purchased online using the E-commerce process, and when administrators create manual invoices for custom negotiated prices, these transactions are automatically posted to Sage, along with  the corresponding purchase invoices for royalties. Administrators can use the standard Sage features to record payments, and generate accounts reports such as Aged debtors and contributor sales reports.

Royalty calculation – the designated royalty amount is automatically assigned to the contributor to be payable account once a sales invoice has been paid.

Syndication sales – Sales reports from syndication partners can be automatically ingested and processed.

Company Accounts – you can use the same Sage One package to enter your other business sales and purchases, enabling you to keep ALL your accounts in one place making it easier to keep an eye on the bottom line.


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