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By offering permissions-based access to digital content in combination with Digital Rights Management controls, a DAM helps avoid common problems such as publication of outdated, off-brand, or unlicensed creative assets. This helps improve the quality of your brand communication to protect brand investments and even mitigate business risk.

Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.

Asset Protection

Prevent file misuse by monitoring who sent what to which contact, including dates and agreed usage. Enhance your professional reputation by reducing your risks in the use of media across the board whilst saving time and money in your operations.

Brand Consistency

Build a collection of approved images, videos, design templates and logos to keep all your communications on brand.

Challenges Before Using iMediaflow® 


Wasting your time finding scattered documents spread across multiple resources.

Productivity loss while using multiple applications at same time for sharing information across teams.

Struggling while collaborating with remote workforce having loss in agility & performance.

Managing different versions of an asset across your team members.

Difficulties to share and collaborate with your clients & stakeholders in a simplified workflow.

Facing difficulties in ensuring brand consistency affecting business profitability and client confidence.

Increase in Productivity Up to 50%

How iMediaflow® Benefit Corporate Enterprises

Enterprises of all scales usually have the requirements to store and organize their documents or other digital assets in a consistent, uniform way. In this pandemic, the focus of enterprises is to collaborate remote workforce and centralise all the information accessed from different applications on a single platform.

Transformation With iMediaflow®

Efficient content collaboration with TrueSearchTN across entire workforce on a centralised repository.

Empowering all the corporate departments to collaborate through different apps on a single platform.

Managing real time collaboration workflow on each stage of content distribution workflow.

Accessing updated version of an asset with a version trail, all because of Multiple Versioning feature.

Collaborate with multiple clients in real time so that they can comment/approve the work at each stage.

Increased productivity with better management of Brand guidelines & client user experience.

All your content in one place

Share, collaborate, manage, and distribute your logos, photos, videos, templates, and documents within a few clicks with iMediaflow®.

Centralised Interface

Organisations tasked with managing multiple archives and collections now have an easy option of delivering this through a single centralised administrative interface. Individual Archives and Collections can be marketed through their own separate, individual websites, with the option of monetizing their content by offering full e-commerce, where the customers can purchase licensing for a wide range of uses.

Automated Brand Portal

No more emailing the company logos, fonts, colour codes and associated graphics. Brand Guidelines Hub ensures the brand consistency and transparency across all the users who explore, discover and use your assets.

Automated brand portal to maintain brand consistancy
Customised UI/UX for remote sharing and collaboration - CIT Digital

Customised UI/UX

Take control of your brand image in your own way by creating multiple guides, pages, and content structure so that only authorised users can access them.

Royalties and accounting management system - CIT Digital

Digital Rights Services & VAT

Ensure your sales of digital rights comply with local VAT rules across the globe. These rules can often be complex and difficult to implement. Our Royalties and Accounting Management system uses sophisticated technology to correctly and accurately calculate VAT based on the ever changing complex rules.

Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.