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PR Agencies

Manage, protect, and elevate the value of digital content at your fingertips. iMediaflow® Enterprise DAM Solutions helps PR Agencies deliver more than just content to their audience. Enabling the agencies to create media, collate, manage, protect, and deliver value from their digital assets for their clients with end to end workflow tools to manage the life cycle of the assets from creation to realisation of value.

Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.

Smooth Accessibility

By providing a customised portal facility, clients find it easy to access their most up to date version of media files 365 days a year 24×7, without having to bother their account managers at the agencies.

Added Value

Your clients will find the additional service of having their own custom media library where they are able to store all their digital content in one place an invaluable solution. This service simply adds value to your professional services.

Challenges Before Using iMediaflow® 


Using a separate Project Management Platform to create and track the projects of different clients.

Difficulties in handling brand guidelines of each client on a single platform.

Managing different content sharing workflows at a single time.

Creating, managing and sharing high volume social media content from single workspace.

Using multiple applications to track, manage, communicate & collaborate information.

Increase in Productivity Up to 60%

How iMediaflow® Benefit PR Agencies

A PR agency works in various practice areas across B2C and B2B categories, designed to raise the clients' brand, sales, and bottom-line results. They practice implementing powerful, proactive, and passionate media relations efforts and offer a comprehensive range of integrated marketing services to meet every client's unique needs.

Transformation With iMediaflow®

Ability to create multiple projects together on a single workspace.

Streamlined content sharing workflow across teams on a centralised platform.

Collaborate with multiple clients in real-time so that they can comment/approve the work at each stage.

Efficient management of brand guidelines for multiple clients on single workspace.

Tracking & Managing content approval process on each stage of content distribution workflow.

Centralised accessibility of all digital assets without the need to log in to different applications.

Improved productivity with better client user experience.

All your content in one place

Share, collaborate, manage, and distribute your logos, photos, videos, templates, and documents within a few clicks with iMediaflow®.

Automated Brand Portal

No more emailing the company logos, fonts, colour codes and associated graphics. Brand Guidelines Hub ensures the brand consistency and transparency across all the users who explore, discover and use your assets.

Automated brand portal for remote collaboration - CIT Digital
Collaborative workspace for hybrid working - CIT Digital

Quick Accessibility

You should never again have to worry about seeing outdated versions of your logos and guidelines appearing in communications. Our AI based asset guidelines empower the users with most up-to-date version of media files keeping everyone on the same page.

All-In-One Cloud Repository

You can gather all your downloadable media assets and guidelines from one platform that is easy to use and administer.

All-In-One cloud repository for remote collaboration - CIT Digital
Customised UI/UX for remote sharing and collaboration - CIT Digital

Customised UI/UX

Take control of your brand image in your own way by creating multiple guides, pages, and content structure so that only authorised users can access them.

Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.