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The digital hub for other industry brands

With global clients ranging from educational companies to not-for-profit, we've transformed brand operations for them. We have designed a tailor-made solution for every one of them based on their unique situations, needs, and goals.

Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.

Central Repository

With a cloud-based central repository, you allow stakeholders to easily search, find and share curated brand assets. Marketing and Communications teams can provide access to the latest version of their respective content to their colleagues and partners alike, saving invaluable time and effort whilst elevating their brand awareness.

Improved Collaboration & Sharing

Allow media files to be easily added to the DAM repository at point of creation or modification. This ensures that the latest version of your digital content is available to the teams no matter where they are located.

Challenges Before Using iMediaflow® 


Struggling to manage the workflow of non-profit assets to be purchased, utilized and managed.

Difficulties to promote the funding through a simplified asset approval workflow.

Not able to collaborate efficiently with fund-raisers and stakeholders.

Struggling to search, tag and distribute high volume media files in a streamlined workflow.

Clumsy user access controls for collaborating media assets across the workforce on a single repository.

Clumsy access controls to their latest brand guidelines and logos, graphics etc.

Increase in Productivity Up to 70%

How iMediaflow® Benefit Other Types

No matter what type of digital assets you have, CiT Digital is the ideal digital hub for managing them - from organization to distribution.

Transformation With iMediaflow®

Smooth digital asset workflow using a centralised workspace.

Secure sharing & accessing of digital assets with granular permission controls for all different types of users.

Efficient sharing, collaborating and distribution of high volume media files with the help of TrueCVTM.

Seamless approval process across each stage of asset collaboration workflow.

Streamlined collaboration process with fundraisers and stakeholder using a single platform to communicate.

Effortless access to multiple versions of a single file from a centralised workspace.

All your content in one place

Share, collaborate, manage, and distribute your logos, photos, videos, templates, and documents within a few clicks with iMediaflow®.

Centralised interface for asset collaboration - CIT Digital

Customised Workspace Management

Easy to use and dedicated Workspace configurations for common utility, including predefined data assignment, custom domains, master data defaults and other media specifications.

Streamlined Sharing & Collaboration

Enable separate access to individual brand content – whether you are a multi-national corporation with multiple brands or a Digital Agency managing their customers’ content. The streamlined sharing and collaboration methods places this solution at a different level enabling unparalleled flexibility.

Collaborative workspace for hybrid working - CIT Digital
All-In-One cloud repository for remote collaboration - CIT Digital

All-In-One Cloud Repository

You can gather all your downloadable media assets and guidelines from one platform that is easy to use and administer.


Categorise your files with context based Controlled Vocabulary and domain specific taxonomies including synonyms.

Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.