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Situations a DAM will benefit your business!

Have you ever wondered in what situations a DAM will benefit your business? You will be amazed at how easily iMediaflow® Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution can improve your business productivity!

Here are just a few of the many situations where iMediaflow® Next Generation DAM Solution could improve the way your organization manages its assets:

Wasting valuable time hunting for certain digital assets…

With its sophisticated search features, iMediaflow next generation DAM Solution will have the assets you desire in seconds!

By providing true multi-faceted searching, we have set the new standard in Digital Asset search precision and speed, allowing our clients to find what they need faster and more easily than on any other DAM platform available.

We produce a customized Controlled Vocabulary (CV) by using your own terminology, enabling you to search in a manner that fits around you and your organization. Empower your staff to search in your own language to simplify finding the files that you need and to remove the irrelevant results that you don’t need.

We organise your assets into bespoke, separate but linked categories that can be searched independently or in combination. This allows you to select which areas you want to search in and at the same time exclude the areas where you don’t want to look – choose whether to check inside one category, several or all of them at once. Cut out the overlapping irrelevant results that you find when using normal multiple keywords and get to the files you need more quickly and easily.

Never be frustrated, aimlessly searching for the content that you need ever again!

Global GDPR compliant file sharing

Do you find yourself;

  • Struggling to share information with colleagues, customers, partners, press or distributors?
  • Continually running into issues with attachment size in emails?
  • Concerned about the security issues implicit in file sharing sites?
  • Problems navigating the resulting mess of files because you use file sharing sites often?
  • Need to share files securely that aren’t in the DAM?
  • Realise the potential GDPR implications from using unsecured methods of sharing files?

Don’t worry, our solution allows you to send files of any size safely, whether they are in your collection or not, without having to rely on insecure file sharing sites, risky emails which also have attachment size issues, or shared servers.  You can also assign the correct permission levels to ensure that only the right people can gain access to the files, adding an extra level of security. You can rest assured that all file-sharing activities are entirely traceable as iMediaflow® provides you with a full audit trail.

Many organisations may not be fully aware of the implications of the recent changes in regulations with regards to file sharing, such as GDPR. Our robust, encrypted, file sharing solution allows you to share files of any size with clients, partners, or customers anywhere in the world in a fully compliant manner.

When you’re in a meeting and realized you’ve left an important Document on your desktop…

Take your Digital Assets with you everywhere you go! By simply logging in to your DAM Solution from any device with internet connection you will have your assets with you at your fingertips no matter where you are.

Never again will you be left without your Digital Assets with iMediaflow® sophisticated Cloud based DAM Solution

Control your digital assets and who can access them

Concerned that allowing access to your digital assets gives you less control?

Well don’t be, our solution actually gives you much greater control. Decide exactly who, how and when internal and external parties can access images, documents, videos and avoid costly rights misuse or GDPR compliance issues.

Our solution stores each asset with accurate licencing, model and property release details enabling your team to ensure that all asset uses conform with your agreed usage rights, minimising the risk of copyright breach and costly infringement lawsuits. The ability to change user access levels combined with asset grouping allows you to choose exactly what people can access and use, these can be altered quickly and easily as your requirements change.

As well as controlling access, you gain full visibility of who accesses the assets and with whom they are shared. This ability to see who sent what file to which company and why will ensure that you stay GDPR compliant and give you the ability to prove so in the case of an audit.

Not able to revert to the previous version of a document…

With iMediaflow’s Version Control feature, you will never have to worry about this again.

Version Control allows you to see all the previous versions of documents. This allows users to be able to revert and use any previously amended content.

If you and a colleague have been working on the same document, you will be glad to know that with iMediaflow your assets won’t be overwritten and will be able to use both versions of the altered document.

To find out more how iMediaflow and the many situations a DAM will benefit your business get in touch with us on 0114 258 2400 and try out our FREE DEMO!