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Local Governments

Recognising that digital content is a valuable asset, local governments are increasingly looking at ways of ensuring their intellectual property is protected. The challenge for local governments is in organising and providing controlled access to the different teams that they have within the different departments that they have.

Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.

Reduced Spending

Due to the widely dispersed structure of local government organisations, they face the challenge of ensuring all licensed media content is made available to all constituent members – this avoids duplication or doubling up on the purchase of licensed media files from different sources, whether they be from commercial image libraries or commissioned photography. This ensures reduced spending and saving money across the board – a great achievement in these economically challenging times!

Meeting Regulations – Archives

Public sector organisations are obliged to have archives of media files that they have helped create. This may pose several challenges in regard to the expertise required to help meet the storage regulations from a historical perspective. At CiT Digital we have both the expertise and the experience in advising public sector organisations in building archives that will meet not just the regulations but also have the best user experience.

Challenges Before Using iMediaflow® 


Compromising asset security across a widely spread workforce.

Adaptability issues for users having limited knowledge to collaborate across the workforce.

Loss of connectivity with constituents, media, and other stakeholders.

Loss in productivity navigating scattered documents and other assets spread across multiple.

Struggling to collaborate in a remote working environment during a pandemic.

Accessing & sharing updated version of an asset across the workforce.

Increase in Productivity Up to 70%

How iMediaflow® Benefit Local Governments

Local Governments have extensive digital asset management needs that, these days can only be reasonably met by adopting the right solution that enables them to collaborate their digital assets easily in a streamlined workflow, using a centralized repository.

Transformation With iMediaflow®

Secured sharing & accessing of digital assets with granular permission controls.

Easy to learn and intuitive user experience while collaborating across the workforce.

Managing real time collaboration workflow on each stage of content distribution workflow.

Efficient accessing, sharing and collaboration of digital assets on a centralized workspace with the help of TrueSearchTM, TruFlowTMfrd & TrueCVTM.

Seamless collaboration across widely spread remote workforce by centralizing all information fed in via multiple resources.

Effortless access to multiple versions of single digital asset across team members & knowledge Engine powered by TrueCV TM

Improved productivity with better client user experience.

All your content in one place

Share, collaborate, manage, and distribute your logos, photos, videos, templates, and documents within a few clicks with iMediaflow®.

Multi-Platform Integration - Unified workspace - iMediaflow®

Multi-Platform Integration

No more emailing the company logos, fonts, colour codes and associated graphics. Brand Guidelines Hub ensures the brand consistency and transparency across all the users who explore, discover and use your assets.


Categorise your files with context based Controlled Vocabulary and domain specific taxonomies including synonyms.

iMediaflow® Ms Office 365 Integration - Controlled Vocabulary - TrueCV™
Streamlined sharing & collaboration - iMediaflow®

Streamlined Sharing & Collaboration

Enable separate access to individual brand content – whether you are a multi-national corporation with multiple brands or a Digital Agency managing their customers’ content. The streamlined sharing and collaboration methods places this solution at a different level enabling unparalleled flexibility.

Intelligent Taxonomy

Keep your data organized and accessible with our specially designed built-in tools that allow you to quickly and easily classify assets, either as a single media file or in groups of assets with a precise taxonomy. This simple, yet powerful feature also enables the automatic mapping of any existing classification system you may already have in place.

Intelligent Taxonomy to keep your data organized and accessible - TrueCV™
Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.