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In any typical business, your teams are creating valuable digital assets as they progress through their daily tasks in completing their work. Once they have completed their work, it is consumed for the original purpose it is intended for and then perhaps saved in a local folder or even in central shared drive. However, not everyone may be aware of its existence as they are kept in silos within local teams or departments. Even when they are placed in an accessible collection they may not be tagged correctly to allow them to be found.

This is sadly the case in most organisations as teams move on from one project to the next whilst not appreciating the value of the digital assets they have helped create.

iMediaflow® – Help the businesses create knowledge and leverage it across the organization.

iMediaflow solves this fundamental problem by ensuring that as digital assets come through the respective project workflows, the final “approved” assets are automatically tagged. This is done using a Controlled Vocabulary that is an industry specific taxonomy reflecting their terminology.

This feature allows immediate access to any file to which permissions have been granted without accessing other shared files or groups. The value of the “Knowledge Resource Centre” increases overtime ensuring that business continuity is never compromised by leavers, retirees, or loss of critical data.

When business workflows are incorporated in iMediaflow with version controls, approvals and projects from key areas, stakeholders have all business-critical info and digital assets available at their fingertips.


When you recognise the power of a “Knowledge Resource Centre” you then own what is a curated set of trusted digital assets across your business that provide “The Single Source of Truth”, which in turn becomes Your Business DNA.