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E-commerce Solution
for Commercial Media Libraries

CIT Digital’s E-commerce solution for media libraries uses AI-powered asset tagging and automated licensing functionality. It offers collaboration with global partners and automated invoicing, royalty management, and workflow management features, streamlining media asset management and distribution.

Intelligent AI Powered Asset Tagging

Empower your end-users with AI assisted asset tagging and Truesearch™ to deliver unparalleled capabilities in helping to organise and search for product images using any combinations of SKUs, product IDs, colors, and customised metadata.

Powerful Licensing Module

Our next-generation Digital Rights Management module helps elevate your Stock Photo library brand with automated rights-managed licensing functionality. This allows your end-users to clear rights instantly and complete the license purchase without time-consuming delays or manual intervention by you.

Collaboration With Global Partners

CIT Digital DAM API solutions allow you to build your brand content integration, enabling accessing product images directly on Adobe Creative Suite tools or other image editing tools.

Automated Invoicing

With our accounts integrated DAM system, your customers will receive a sales invoice within seconds of completing their online purchase, and you will be able to view all such sales all in one place.

Multifunctional Licensing & Royalty Management

In addition to raising a sales invoice with full details of the media license purchased, it will also automatically calculate the associated royalty fees owed to the original contributors of the media assets, which significantly reduces your manual accounting tasks.

E-Commerce Workflow Management to Avoid Bottlenecks

Avoid creating a bottleneck in your workflow with repetitive metadata entry! Wouldn’t it be quicker if you could upload in bulk and edit by batch?

In iMediaflow®, users can search for files using a variety of sophisticated features.

Enable Your Customers to Effortlessly Purchase Images 24/7

Can they log in to access their bespoke pricing in the shopping basket? The automated purchase processing in iMediaflow® puts an end to needless administration.

Build Brand Trust and Drive Sales

With iMediaflow®, commercial media libraries can easily customise, distribute, and manage thousands of daily product materials with quick and effortless automated processes across all end-user platforms, including E-commerce, social media stores, and more.

By leveraging our advanced platform, commercial media libraries can build brand trust and drive purchase-ready user leads, making iMediaflow® the perfect solution for your E-commerce needs.

Streamline Your Commercial Media Libraries Strategy

Creating a sound Controlled Vocabulary with all your categories and keywords/synonyms is crucial for efficiently tagging your assets, and laying the foundation for an efficient and capable shop front end.

The iMediaflow® DAM E-commerce platform enables you to efficiently maintain and administer your visual content, ensuring it is correctly aligned with your inventory.

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