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Enhance the Shopping Experience for YOUR users

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding the image you need, but having to wait for 9-5, Monday to Friday to get it!  We have all grown accustom to the freedom of being able to order online with a click of a button regardless of the time or day – the same goes for image buyers! Don’t let your customers defect to competitor sites just for the convenience of their ecommerce.

Ensure a swift and effortless experience for your customers with the intuitive and easy to use iMediaFlow shopping basket. Prices are calculated in response to the usage criteria selected, giving instant accurate pricing and enabling immediate purchase and download.

For customers with agreed rates cards you can create custom pricing for their individual account, so that when they login they only see their agreed pricing. For those who need to download high resolution images for consideration in advance of declaring purchase rights a series of special user types can be applied. The intuitive and easy to use E-commerce and custom pricing options will enable your customers to purchase and instantly download their required images.

So why not eliminate the need for digital file requests and save yourself time by dramatically reducing your administration, as well as securing your customers loyalty by making their image purchases simple and straightforward.


Over 20 years of expertise and experience within the digital asset management industry has enabled CiT to create innovative software, focused on providing a convenient and straight forward solution to your workflow problems. Our user friendly design will enable you to effortlessly manage your collection.