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iMediaflow’s UNIFIED WORKSPACE makes your team more productive, and content easy to manage across the entire lifecycle of a project.

Discover Your own Unified Digital Workspace!


A Unified digital workspace helps you manage your workflow, resources, approval process, version control, project management and team collaboration all in one place.

iMediaflow’s Unified Digital Workspace can assist you with creating and maintaining your organisation’s knowledge Resource centre, where everything is in one place.

Imagine your work spread across multiple apps, with different roles and access permissions, having to log in separately to check approval status, document versions, updates and team member activities – all in different places.

How can we make this better?

How will we know that there is an update or change?

Using iMediaflow® Unified digital workspace, it allows you to:

  • Keep everyone on the same page by making all information visible in one place, instead of having to log into emails, different apps, and multiple cloud file sharing solutions.
  • Communicate and interact with colleagues directly from your application
  • Get notified instantly when there is an update in any file or process
  • Check project process status updates including version control information.
  • Share files of any standard file type within a project and attach them to tasks, so they are available at the point where they are needed.
  • As documents are updated, have access to the different versions with full audit trail.
  • You can conveniently track any changes made by different people to a document, as well as view conversations about the same document. ALL IN ONE PLACE!
  • When the work is completed, the finished articles are automatically tagged and added to your Knowledge Resource Centre.
  • Learn how to avoid silos in your business and leverage a seamless work collaboration

Your time is precious. If you agree with this philosophy, then Unified Workspace is your ultimate solution!


With iMediaflow®, you can connect all your favourite apps and access content from one unified digital workspace. All your documents, e-mails, spreadsheets, and project files in one place.

iMediaflow® helps you manage everything you need in one place so you can work efficiently anywhere at any time and be more productive.

iMediaflow® connects MS Teams, Office 365, SharePoint and Google Suite to create a single digital workspace to collaborate and share business processes and associated activities with colleagues and external stakeholders.