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Stay one step ahead with our Admin Dashboard

The key factor to a successful marketing programme is a well-planned set of goals and timelines, and more importantly checking that you meet them.

To help you devise the right goals for your target market, iMediaFlow® includes an Admin Dashboard allowing you to find trends in both the searches and sales on your website.

The Dashboard will also visually measure and track the success of the programme by tracking the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These items can be viewed as charts/graphs, allowing you to visually track the progress of these key areas of performance in real time. To get more in depth information on any specific part of the system, you have a wide number of reports that you can pull off to further analyse the performance of your collection.

With the iMediaFlow® Admin Dashboard you can take full advantage of having the most up to date data and reports instantly at your fingertips.


Over 20 years of expertise and experience within the digital asset management industry has enabled CiT to create innovative software, focused on providing a convenient and straight forward solution to your workflow problems. Our ergonomically designed layout will enable you to effortlessly manage your collection.