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How fast is your company's approval process?

Slow approval process via email?

Email isn’t always the best way for businesses to review, and approve documents.

Streamline your approval process with iMediaflow, where users get an overview of which documents need their attention. Approvers can then open and approve the relevant digital assets (files, documents, images, videos, presentations) directly in iMediaflow, which tracks the latest status of each project. This allows everyone to check their progress and ensures you won’t miss a deadline or leave out a crucial step. The result? approval cycle is reduced from weeks to hours and also gives complete safety to all shared documents.

iMediaflow's Approval Process

Using iMediaflow® ensures a proper flow of information shared for approvals gets to the right people at the right stage of the process quickly and efficiently.

Safer approval process for safer access!

Speed up approvals, eliminate bottlenecks across your team and stop losing time on tasks.

By implementing Approval Process by iMediaflow, your company will see the following benefits:

  • You make people do more, in less time. By eliminating unnecessary cost and time wasting, your management can focus on more important tasks.
  • You improve productivity by getting tasks done faster. You generate more revenue by creating more content at a much faster rate.
  • Better employee satisfaction, as each individual’s effort is recognised. Your teams will feel motivated and engaged as their performance gets evaluated without much effort from them.

A unified digital workspace for all employees that helps connect all stakeholders including different teams in different locations. It’s the Single Source of Truth for all your business critical information and digital assets, so you can focus on what matters most: delivering results faster. Others like client feedbacks and proposals also can be viewed using this single source platform for document management despite where they reside.

Overcome Workflow Stoppages

Long approval processes slowing down your workflow.

Content being stuck in an approval process for days?

Many media companies have thousands of documents that require approval and multiple levels of management.

iMediaflow® eliminates all the e-mail based approvals and reduces documents approvals in multiple apps and emails, as a part of centralised approval process – approval cycle is reduced from weeks to hours and also gives complete safety to all shared documents.

iMediaflow® offers a browser based collaboration platform that helps bring all your organisations’ information together in one place. Its cloud-based, distributed architecture allows you to see feedback or status reports from multiple users in real time.

In iMediaflow, you can add a piece of content to the workflow and then track its status as it progresses through the approval process. You can also use our drag-and-drop feature to move things around in the workflow.

This way, you can speed up approvals, eliminate bottlenecks across your teams and stop losing valuable time on tasks.


There are many reasons why businesses take longer to approve content. Some of them include:

  • A lack of collaboration between teams
  • A lack of communication between team members
  • A lack of transparency in the approval process
  • Too many approvals for one piece of content

Are you facing any of these challenges across your teams?

With iMediaflow®, we can help you eliminate these bottlenecks across your team and stop losing valuable time on tasks. We provide a unified digital workspace that keeps track of the different levels of the approval process, updating different users involved, and centralises all the information from multiple applications such as emails, project management systems etc.