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Museums and Galleries

Our specialist Heritage DAM solution allows Museums, Archives and Galleries to make their digital collections available to a worldwide audience. We provide the means to ensuring that the digital imagery is combined with accurate information related to an artifact thus safeguarding its provenance within the digital collection.

Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.

Smart Content Management

Effortlessly showcase your amazing archives and collections in a beautifully designed cloud-based gallery. iMediaflow® enables museums, libraries, galleries, and heritage organisations of all sizes to manage and showcase their archives & collections intelligently among the larger groups of audience online.

Monetization of Content

iMediaflow® Heritage DAM solution has the added benefit of enabling Museums, Archives, and Galleries to help market their content. This allows customers to licence their content for a wide variety of uses ranging from Book publishing, Magazine, Newspapers, Greeting Cards, Calendars etc.

Challenges Before Using iMediaflow® 


Difficulties in maintaining quality and quantity of stock images that conform to their ethos.

Difficulties in licensing images to both internal and external customers.

Complex workflow to locate, share and distribute images to highly disparate set of stakeholders.

Struggling to search, tag and distribute high volume media files in a streamlined workflow.

Clumsy user access controls for collaborating media assets across the workforce.

Time consuming approval process of media assets for use in their marketing and communications.

Increase in Productivity Up to 80%

How iMediaflow® Benefit Galleries/Museums

Museums and online galleries have a big need for managing their high volume media files in a streamlined workflow, cataloguing images with AI base metadata ingestion, intuitive user experience, Preserving intellectual property rights etc. as well as monetizing their content.

Transformation With iMediaflow®

Enabling crowd-sourced content cataloguing and curation processes.

A streamlined workflow to collaborate & distribute media files with stakeholders.

Comprehensive image licensing system with automated purchase invoices.

Efficient sharing, collaborating and distribution of high volume media files with the help of TrueCV™

Secure sharing & accessing of digital assets with granular permission controls.

Sophisticated e-commerce solution enabling monetizing of content.

All your content in one place

Share, collaborate, manage, and distribute your logos, photos, videos, templates, and documents within a few clicks with iMediaflow®.

Intelligent Taxonomy to keep your data organized and accessible - TrueCV™

Intelligent Taxonomy

Keep your data organized and accessible with our specially designed built-in tools that allow you to quickly and easily classify assets, either as a single media file or in groups of assets with a precise taxonomy. This simple, yet powerful feature also enables the automatic mapping of any existing classification system you may already have in place.

Streamlined Sharing & Collaboration

Enable separate access to individual brand content – whether you are a multi-national corporation with multiple brands or a Digital Agency managing their customers’ content. The streamlined sharing and collaboration methods places this solution at a different level enabling unparalleled flexibility.

Collaborative workspace for hybrid working - CIT Digital
Centralised interface for asset collaboration - CIT Digital

Centralized Interface

Organisations tasked with managing multiple archives and collections now have an easy option of delivering this through a single centralised administrative interface. Individual Archives and Collections can be marketed through their own separate, individual websites, with the option of monetizing their content by offering full e-commerce, where the customers can purchase licensing for a wide range of uses.

Multi Batch Licencing

As a comparatively distinct feature, the module allows users to procure requisite common documented rights for multiple images together at the same time via the shopping cart checkout process. This means you can simply add different media files in the shopping cart and license them together with the same or different rights permissions in a single session.

Keep your employee’s, clients and stakeholders connected with each other having flawless content workflows and approval process. Your team can easily create, share, approve and distribute content across your widely spread hybrid workforce with real time communication while eliminating data breaches.

Multi Batch Licencing - iMediaflow®
Keep your Agency Organized. Eliminate the routine of searching through old email attachments and get your Account Managers and Creative Teams out of silos.