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Get a DAM Solution This Halloween!

Managing your digital assets ineffectively could well leave you in a spooky situation! Who knows what ghouls and demons you may have left your valuable digital content open too. To ensure that your organization can effectively manage your assets get a DAM Solution this Halloween!

But don’t just use any Digital Asset Management Solution. Get your hands on iMediaflow the next generation DAM Solution to make sure you avoid tricks and just get the treats!

Still uncertain as to how a Sophisticated Digital Asset Management Solution will benefit your business and the way you manage your digital content? Listed below are just a few of the many scary risks of not having a DAM Solution this Halloween…

Copyright Risks!

Copyright breaches can happen to any one at any time, there might even be a copyright risk right under your noise that you may not have noticed!

With a sophisticated Digital Asset Management Solution like iMediaflow®, you can avoid being at risk of any copyright breaches.

With iMediaflow® DAM Solution you can easily see how your digital content is supposed to be used. The clearly displayed information ensures that users fully understand the way that the digital assets are permitted to be used, without risking copyright breaches.

You can also decide that users must confirm that they have fully understood the terms & conditions that has been displayed before they can access and use the digital assets.

Just one of the many ways iMediaflow® will prevent your business from any Copyright Risks.

Not Sticking to Brand Guidelines!

Not ensuring that your organization sticks to your brand guidelines structure could massively impact on your brand image. Obviously, you would hate to waste all the money and hard work put into creating your brand, wouldn’t you?

With iMediaflow® the next generation DAM Solution your organization will find it simple to stick to Brand Guidelines this Halloween!

When contributors upload Digital Assets, they receive instant feedback on any assets that don’t fit the technical criteria you stipulate, stopping that content being uploaded and letting them know exactly why. Further protecting your Brand Integrity. Digital Content can be restricted using many different criteria such as file size, file type, colour space, dpi, etc…

Identifying the correct content and finding it quickly are the cornerstones of any successful DAM platform. Just think of the irreparable harm that could be caused to your brand by using outdated logos or other outdated content!!!!!!, remove this possibility and rest assured the correct content is always used.

Insecurely sharing assets!

I’m sure that you’d agree that no one wants their assets getting into the wrong hands!

So why distribute your valuable digital assets using insecure sharing methods? You need to get a DAM Solution this Halloween!

Using insecure methods of sharing, such as e-mail, free storage solutions or cheap cloud file sharing sites can put your digital content in harm’s way.

With iMediaflow® Sophisticated Digital Asset Management Solution you can share and distribute assets safely and securely. Using secure link sharing, you can transfer your digital content by email without the usual inherent risks. Rather than relying on attachments, secure link generates an email that includes a password protected link that allows the receiver to download the content directly from your collection, avoiding both security issues and size limitations.

To prevent your business being spooked get a DAM Solution this Halloween by investing in iMediaflow as your DAM solution of choice . Ensuring your valuable Digital Assets are safe and secure from any harmful infringements this season.

Get in touch to find out more or try a Free Demo with iMediaflow® Next Generation Digital Asset Management Solution!