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Work remotely as a team from anywhere, 24/7!

Have the ability to work remotely as a team from anywhere, 24/7 with iMediaflow®!
iMediaflow® advanced DAM solution is browser based so your contributors can upload content from any location with internet access 24/7.

  • Supports all standard image, video, audio and document types
  • Upload assets in bulk
  • Automatic image quality checks
  • Embedded metadata ingestion
  • Video metadata mapping
  • Automatic keyword generation with artificial intelligence
  • Duplicate file detection
  • Excel metadata ingestion
  • Multi-level uploader profiles

Gain the flexibility to upload, catalogue and review collaboratively with iMediaflow®

  • Multi-platform enabled so you can catalogue on any device
  • Flexible workflows configured to suit the individual and the organisation
  • Review & Edit collaboratively
  • Metadata fields configured precisely to your requirements
  • Large previews and auto-ingested metadata are visible while cataloguing
  • Bespoke taxonomy with a controlled vocabulary unique to your organisation makes uploads more efficient and error free
  • Expedited cataloguing e.g. Amend or add to the keywords of individual files or groups of files at the same time
  • Multi-level administrator access
  • Update metadata en-masse in seconds
  • Single click publishing

iMediaflow® upload and catalogue processes are designed to reduce overheads, improve efficiency and increase your ability to control content and contributor workflows. Our intelligent tagging technology is one of the most advanced solutions available on the market today. Automation vastly improves cataloguing speed and the ability to change user uploader profiles allow you to choose exactly which stages people can access and use, these can be altered quickly and easily as your requirements change. Allowing you to delegate parts of the upload and cataloguing process to others but still retain ultimate control of the assets.