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Transforming Your DAM with AI and Business Alignment

Beyond Metadata: Transforming Your DAM with AI and Business Alignment

You need to fortify your digital assets or risk losing them forever. Copyright infringement and data leaks put your content at risk daily. You need ironclad protections and lightning fast search so employees can instantly find approved files. Yet traditional digital asset management (DAM) systems bury your content in ineffective metadata tagging.
CiT Digital cracked the code to balance protections and usability with iMediaflow® . Their solution uses cutting-edge AI to automatically tag each asset with terms your employees actually use. Funnel cataloguing lets you upload files into intuitive category trees aligned to your business. The results are stunning: copyright confidence, GDPR compliance, and employees that can always find approved assets in seconds.
This article we’ll explore how you can implement a modern DAM like iMediaflow®  to tackle copyright infringement and lethargic search. Discover how funnel cataloguing and AI-powered TrueTagging provide the perfect balance of watertight protections and content availability. The outcome: a future-proof system your team will love to use.

The Threat to Your Unprotected Assets

Digital assets are your business’s lifeblood. Your images, videos, documents and more contain invaluable IP and customer data. Yet this content faces constant threats:
– Employees accidentally sharing copyrighted or sensitive files
– Outsiders hacking and stealing data
– Brands scrambling to comply with evolving regulations like GDPR
– Hours wasted searching across fragmented systems
These risks can lead to massive fines, reputation damage, and lost productivity. But an impenetrable fortress protecting your content allows your business to thrive securely.

Transform Your DAM with iMediaflow®

CiT Digital knew traditional DAM solutions failed to blend protections and findability. Their assets were isolated in ageing systems that made search painful and compliance chaotic.
They realised smart automation and employee empowerment were the answers. But no solution provided both – until now.
iMediaflow® combines rock-solid protections with intuitive search and curation. The results are transformative:
– Automated copyright detection prevents unauthorised sharing
– Granular permissions and access tiers enable GDPR compliance
– AI powered TrueTagging delivers lightning fast search in terminology your employees understand
– Funnel cataloguing allows drag-and-drop organisation aligned to your taxonomy
– Cloud delivery and mobile access empowers global collaboration
With iMediaflow®, CiT Digital balances impenetrable protections with a system employees enjoy using to find approved assets in seconds.

TrueTagging and Funnel Cataloguing: The Keys to Your DAM Balance

CiT Digital’s success relies on two innovations: TrueTagging and Funnel cataloguing. Together they provide the missing protections and findability.
TrueTagging uses advanced AI to analyse and tag each asset with multiple relevant terms your employees naturally use. This avoids rigid taxonomies and delivers dynamic search.
Funnel cataloguing lets you easily organise assets into hierarchical category trees during upload. This structures content aligned to your business activities and user perspectives.
With TrueTagging unlocking content via relatable terms, and funnel cataloguing aligning organisation to business activities, your DAM can empower users with the perfect balance of control and discovery.

Fortify Your Future Now

By moving beyond outdated systems, you can build an impenetrable fortress to secure, manage and find digital assets for years to come like CiT Digital did with  iMediaflow®. AI and automation lift heavy compliance and organisation burdens from your employees. Access is easier than ever from any device.
A groundbreaking DAM delivers ironclad protections without sacrificing usability. This balance is the new standard for digital asset excellence.
What will your company do to implement a next-generation solution?