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Keeping track with Version Control

According to Mentalfloss the most covered popular song of all time is ‘Yesterday’ by the Beatles with 2,200 versions including one by Daffy Duck!

Keeping track of multiple versions of important digital assets can be tricky when you continually adapt the original to fit the current required use. It becomes even more confusing if several members of the team are repurposing the same assets, it’s vital to be able to locate the right version right away when you need it.

So, when you adapt a design file, Photoshop an image or reword a document wouldn’t you like to be able save it alongside the original? iMediaflow® has a Version Control feature which will allow you to do just that.

Using iMediaflow® you’ll be able to link together an unlimited number of versions of the same asset along with associated notes. To help you to locate the specific version you need, the system tracks who has made the adaptations and when the changes were made and to help you keep track of where each version has appeared you’re also able to see who has downloaded which asset along with the usage details.

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