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Revolutionise your Cataloguing Process

Batch file processing

Save valuable time with our sophisticated Funnelled Cataloguing and Batch Edit features.

Expedite file processing with Funnelled Cataloguing

Apply common metadata such as Originator, Location and Rights to a whole submission, then gradually refine the set adding more metadata as you progress – forget the repetition of adding the same information to multiple files.

Funnelled cataloguing Batch Edit

Uploaded files and their corresponding auto-ingested metadata are displayed in a grid giving a complete overview for the whole batch. This gives users the ability to select similar files to process using Funnelled Cataloguing. Simply select a set of files with similar attributes and choose the metadata fields to edit, apply the metadata and you are ready to bring forward a sub set of files and repeat the process. The metadata fields not selected remain untouched so you can maximise the use of ingested metadata.

Funnelled cataloguing Batch edit

Refine cataloguing batch by editing only selected fields

The ability to choose which fields to edit and the desired editing method – Overwrite, Append or Remove, gives the user total flexibility in file processing and enables each organisation to streamline the workflow to suit their individual situation.The Category Tree with Controlled Vocabulary auto tags relevant nodes during metadata ingestion, picking up words from both caption and keywords and can be refined during the Funnelled cataloguing process.

Edit metadata en-mass and update in seconds with our sophisticated Batch Edit feature

At times it’s necessary to amend the metadata applied to published files. This could be to a whole upload batch, to all images of a particular subject or all files from a certain contributor- the Batch Edit feature is designed to help you quickly resolve such situations.

Creating a Batch to edit can be managed via upload batch number, Advanced Search or via a Lightbox. The edit process you will be presented with is the same as the original cataloguing process, ensuring ease of use. The new metadata will be automatically transferred to the pre-existing files once your amendments have been finalised.