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Libraries: Where has all the creativity gone?

It’s exactly what you’ve been working towards… web visits are up, enquires have increased, sales are climbing. BUT – Why is there always a BUT?
The more sales you make the more invoices you need to create, more payments to process, more commission to calculate, more contributor sales reports to generate…

Are you working late number crunching to cope with the after sales accounting?

If you went into the creative industries to work with photographers, designers and artists but have ended up spending most of your time having a one to one with a calculator, you either need to employ an accountant (Ouch, expensive!) or start using the right software (Mmm, much better…).

Keeping the accounts up to date is a necessity, working long hours to get them done is not.

We all know the benefits of e-commerce, put your items in the basket, find the price, pay and you’re done. But sales aren’t always that straightforward. Bespoke pricelists for individual clients, negotiated reductions for volume purchases, off the wall usages – some purchases simply don’t fit into the regular e-commerce basket.

To keep the accounting process smooth and simple we’ve created different purchase pathways to accommodate the individual characteristics of the image library industry.

So firstly, you can set up individual pricelists for specific customers, for those one off pricing deals we let you login as an administrator from the back-office and create a manual invoice in the basket. For regular clients who don’t have a company credit card let them declare usage in the basket and pay later. And for the special ones who need to try before they buy, let them download high res and declare usage later.

Any which way you choose an invoice is automatically created AND the contributor commission is automatically calculated.

All this is available now and is not wishful thinking, contemporary nor futuristic – our software iMediaflow is integrated with Sage One giving you all the automated accounting you need to escape from the admin monotony and return to creativity.

Automate your after sales accounting and free up your time to do more of what you enjoy most…