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Do you want to manage your workflow more easily? – P 2

We will be continuing from last week’s blog, discussing how to manage your workflow. We’ll discuss how you can manage your workflow more easily. In turn, this will  way your organization works. Also for discussion are the new technologies that are on the market. Such technologies have made it quicker and easier than ever before manage your workflow.

Are you happy with the way you currently manage your workflow?

Yes? That’s great if you are but did you know that a lot of organizations are blissfully unaware that their workflow isn’t the best it can be. With just a little alteration to your workflow and some additionally technology you can improve it. A move from the basic to the advance improving your day to day productivity. It will be especially true if an article by the Business 2 Community in 2019 is to be believed.

According to the Society for Human Resources Management, small companies with 100 employees or less lose $420,000 (£329,000) annually. This is due to inefficient communication occurring within the companies.

Monkeys sat in line, lazing about

Once you have customized your workflow as far as you can before implementing technology, you can now take steps to adopt an advanced workflow. Particularly useful  when working on particular items of content. Some benefits might include:

  • Tasks Complete and Before Deadlines Due

Using an advanced workflow will ensure you never again have the stress of having to rush. Supporting items can often be completes as part of an active campaign just seconds before the deadline is due.

  • Track Where Colleagues Are At

Having a workflow in place ensures you know not only what tasks need to be done by you or other users. You are able to monitor where users are at, with regards to progress, for many content items. This greatly improves your efficiency and leaves you time to work on other tasks. Critically it also prevents time being wasted.

  • Communications Have Improved

Never again will messages get mixed up like a game of Chinese whispers. A consistent workflow will enable users to be able to see the tasks that need completing. Each task will be clearly spelt out.

  • Quality of Your Service

By following a well thought out Advanced Workflow you will reduce the chance of error. Overall this will improve the quality of your products and services.

How does this work in practice?

Let’s keep this simple, you need to produce a 2-page flyer. That flyer might support a key account or is to be handed out to consumers/customers during an event. You have an idea in your mind what you need to create. There might be stakeholders contributing into the project,  such as a writer or designer. If you were the graphic designer in this scenario, you might work with contributors or image libraries to secure files.

What might the stages of a workflow look like?
    • Stage 1: Designer uploads all imagery that could be used
    • Stage 2: A project leader picks out relevant imagery
    • Stage 3: The support team would make checks in terms of quality
    • Stage 4: Designer would secures feedback and make amendments/design alterations
    • Stage 5: Designer can re-upload and continue to amend and re-upload with the project leader checking these. Each version recorded as you upload, meaning you can go back and forth between multiple versions as they were delivered. This is particularly handy when ensuring off-site contributors are actioning iterations/amendments correctly.
    • Stage 6: With all graphics approved, and the design of the flyer has been achieved? The designer can now place this into the portal for use by all relevant stakeholders.

An opportunity for most organisations

So, without an advanced workflow in place it’s apparent that you and your organization will be missing out on an endless amount of opportunities. Those opportunities are to improve not only the work process but ensure your product/ service is the best it can be. In this modern-day digital era, you wouldn’t be surprised to hear that not a lot of businesses are implementing such solutions.

“Out of 2000 work activities (across 800 professions), 45% could be automated, including processing sales transactions, demonstrating product features, and answering product questions”

There are many sophisticated digital solutions out there

It can be hard to choose which one is ideal for your organization. So why not get your hands on a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Solution from CiT Digital. Find out more about the many features a DAM has to offer and maintain your businesses workflow!