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Remote Collaboration On Microsoft 365: Overcoming The Challenges in a Hybrid Working Environment

With the rise in remote collaboration within the workforce, it is important that collaboration tools are streamlined and easy to use. MS Viva, an employee experience platform, part of MS Office 365 tools, aims to bring collaboration possibilities across hybrid working solutions to allow better productivity. It fits well inside an organisation with different access levels. MS Teams, one of the most widely used platform for teams to connect, communicate and share content will now have a new component for better content collaboration within a team or an organisation.

Challenges Faced by Remote Workers Using MS Office 365 Tools Such as Teams, Viva, Share Point, etc…

The number of active Microsoft 365 users has more than tripled in the past year as remote working has become more mainstream for most companies.

Microsoft Corp. has been trying to evolve with the changing circumstances for most organisations and industries as they adapt to hybrid working. The need for active communication and centralised collaboration workflow has been increasing gradually since the start of pandemic. On the other hand, remote collaboration processes across hybrid teams are getting more complex to manage. However, MS Office users are having the best experience of using most up to date Microsoft tools such as MS Viva, Teams, etc that can solve their enterprise communication platforms.

Analysing the ground challenges faced by users while collaborating on MS Teams, Viva and SharePoint:

  • The collaboration barrier with external stakeholders and clients who aren’t using MS Office tools themselves
  • A cluttered and confusing user interface and document permission controls on MS Teams and SharePointt
  • A limitation to use Office 365 for all users to share and collaborate information

Overcoming the Challenges by leveraging Microsoft 365 applications:

Microsoft 365 allows you and your team to work together as a collective unit to increase productivity, efficiency and team collaboration.

However, to counter the challenges faced by users, MS Office 365 tools needs a knowledge source management engine to streamline the content collaboration workflow and smoothen the communication process with external stakeholders. Fortunately, this is achievable by using the latest DAM solutions integrated with MS Teams and Office 365 productivity suite.

With intelligent tagging and storage, easy document accessibility and collaboration workflow, an innovative DAM solution allows you to store, collaborate and share documents directly from MS Teams, Viva and SharePoint, increasing the scope for collaboration and productivity in a hybrid work environment.

With DAM integrated Office 365 Remote Solutions, communication with stakeholders can increase with real-time document sharing and feedback, as well as single-click approvals by designated managers. This increase in productivity is enhanced by the seamless document sharing options through features like Share-Board.

Microsoft 365 DAM integrated productivity suite is user friendly with easy access to all applications, specifically MS Teams and Office 365 through the use of file tagging features that allow you to quickly tag files with relevant captions, and with TrueSearch technology, you are able to easily find files through multi-faceted search feature.
By bringing together multiple aspects of remote working that teams often struggle with – communication, knowledge sharing, learning, resources and insights – MS Teams and Viva make a nice addition to Microsoft 365.