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As tasty as a good curry!

Yay! We’re launching a new Image Library solution so, like any good marketing gal, I’ve been checking out the competition. Boy am I confused! They’d have you believe that there are some all singing all dancing solutions out there that can do everything you could possibly desire and a whole lot more, all for the price of a skinny, mocha latte!

Of course when you scratch around a bit you realise that the features you get for the starting price wouldn’t get you anywhere, a bit like trying to cook a Jalfrezi with a couple of onions and a clove of garlic. We all know that to get that rich aromatic flavour you need ALL the right ingredients. So to make it easier for you to choose the best software for your library we have a solution that does ALL the essentials.

Firstly cataloguing and uploading. Let’s be honest, cataloguing can be a bit monotonous so we’ve added some great features to make this quick yet accurate what’s more it’s cloud based so you can access all this efficiency online. Having done the hard bit you now need to get on with your marketing – seriously we can’t do everything for you!

So your buyers arrive at your website all ready to shop – excellent, they’ll be happy to find some great search tools at their fingertips. Then BAM! Found it, in the basket, choose the usage, there’s the price, pay and download – DONE!

Now it’s back to you, the contributor commission has already been calculated, the invoice has been done (although if you want, you can do bespoke manual invoicing for special pricing). You can pull off reports, check the accounts and see all that lovely money roll in!

Just like adding some nan bread and an onion bhaji to your delicious curry there are optional extras. You could include audio, so it could be singing and video, so there could be dancing. But to be sure all the essential features to run an image library are included.

So what’s new? This is where the artistry of the chef comes into play, taking all those ingredients the chef uses great skills to create the amazing flavours. Similarly our developers have created a solution with an exciting new look and feel, a smoother workflow and improvements in speed and performance. Get in touch if you’re interested in a taster demo.

And the best news is that to celebrate the launch we are letting a few lucky companies buy the complete solution at a greatly reduced price.

To find out more email DISCOUNT to [email protected]
OR if you like to cook, email YUMMY to [email protected] and you’ll receive our MD’s really great recipe for Chicken Jalfrezi.

Whatever you do don’t commit to anything else until you’ve taken a look at what we’ve got on offer.