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Corporates: Do you throw away clothes when you’ve worn them once?

Website, social media, presentations, and publications they’re all more effective with media, unfortunately these are the expensive bits. Images, video, graphics… the best way to get good value for your media spend is to repurpose effectively.

Repurposing is not a new concept – Did you buy a new outfit for the Christmas party and send it straight to the charity shop? Of course not, washed, dried and stored away in your wardrobe ready to use again next time.

From a cheap pen to an expensive watch, we all buy things that will be useful to us many times over, so why should your media be any different? Store your media files carefully where you can find them easily, and make sure you keep a record of any usage restrictions – it’s easy with a decent Digital Asset Management Solution.

For less than the cost of an average shoot you can have a DAM solution where you can store, search and share and download your valuable media files. And you don’t even have to find extra staff to do it, you can outsource the whole process gaining access to a team of DAM experts.

So allow us to take the images you bought in for the annual report, the product video from the website, the infographic designed for the advert as well as the hundreds of other media files you have stored on various PCs, memory sticks and DVDs and make them into a single searchable archive so that you can easily find and reuse them saving you time and money.

Our specialist skills cover areas such as image quality control, metadata, keywording, taxonomy creation, copyright, licensing, model and property release and contributor contracts. We can commission photography, edit shoots, provide digital artwork services, negotiate usage rights with stills and footage libraries and most importantly we can quickly and efficiently sort, collate and upload your assets.

You’ll be able to search by colour, style, type or use and locate the exact file you want in moments, if only deciding what to wear was as easy…