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Corporates: Is your Digital Content safe? Can you access it 24/7?

Imagine having to pay for everything with cash. There’d be no direct debits, no paying by card and worse of all… no internet shopping!

So what do you do? You use a bank – we moan about them but imagine how inconvenient your life would be without one. Your money is safe, you can pay using your debit card without carrying round wads of cash. And when you do need a few actual notes you can access it 24/7 at the cashpoint.

So if you enjoy this convenience with your money don’t you want the same convenience with your Digital Content?

Forget about scrabbling frantically round your office drawers, and everyone else’s, looking for the right memory stick, DVD or hard drive. Leave behind the hours of searching through all those folders you carefully named to avoid this situation – if only you could remember what you called it.

It isn’t a dream you can have total convenience and security for your Digital Content. With iMediaflow® from CiT you can store all your content in one searchable archive. It’s cloud based so you can access it worldwide 24/7 and what’s more you can easily send selected content to your contacts. To keep your content safe the whole system is password protected and you can choose who you allow to see which assets.

So why not invest in the creation of a repository of valuable content and see how much time and stress you save.