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Corporates: The world’s your oyster

Business travel is becoming the norm, flying off to exotic and cultural destinations to network and meet with clients is all in a day’s work. Escaping the stuffy office to venture out into new places and experience the freedom of working in a different city every day, sounds like the dream life to me. But is it really as simple as that?

The world is your oyster – travelling around it is easy, but we all take for granted the luxuries that we’ve grown accustomed to at home. We never have to worry about getting online to check our daily reports because the internet’s never an issue, we sit in coffee shops and instantly connect to their free Wi-Fi – because today we expect nothing less. That is until we go overseas and realise that we have things on a plate back home.

So you have jetted off, much to the envy of everyone in the office, you have a laptop and phone in hand and head to the local café to sit back with a nice coffee and send some emails and files back to the office. You’ve already spied that free Wi-Fi sign so you eagerly connect …. One bar of internet is all you get, that’s never going to withstand the size of files you need to send, how frustrating, suddenly your relaxed approach to working abroad fades.

To overcome the issues created by poor internet access we’ve created a special network speed configuration tool (NetFlex) offering you the choice of a range of settings from ‘Public Wi-Fi’ to ‘Superfast computer and fibre internet’. This ensures that your upload settings are well matched with the local connection, no matter how slow it may be, making uploading more successful. We even have a solution to connection failure. When the internet fails the partially uploaded files will be saved and the upload can be recommenced as soon as the internet is reconnected – so you’ve no need to worry, just sit back and soak up the sun.

Take your home comforts and business with you wherever you go, regardless of location or time zone – don’t make your day job a tough shell to crack, you deserve to have a pearl.