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How a DAM Solution can improve your business

Have you ever wondered how a DAM Solution can improve your business? Ever increasing amounts of digital content and the need to be able to use it in a meaningful manner is making Digital Asset Management (DAM) an increasingly useful solution for organisations. Gain granular control over your organisation’s content: find, manage and share digital media quickly, simply and safely; improving efficiency and productivity.

Easily access your Digital Assets
another way iMediaflow® DAM Solution can improve your business

What use are wonderfully designed logos, imagery and videos if you cannot find and access the correct version?

iMediaflow®, the next generation DAM Solution houses all your digital content in one centralised location; accessible from anywhere in the world on any mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop with internet access. Our sophisticated search functions use the metadata  you’ve applied to quickly find exactly the asset you need.

By providing true multi-faceted searching, we have set the new standard in Digital Asset search precision and speed; allowing our clients to find what they need faster and  easier than on any other DAM platform available.

More info on search functions

Manage your Digital Assets
another way iMediaflow® DAM Solution can improve your business

Increase your ability to access, securely share, track and manage your digital imagery, videos, artwork and documents; managing your whole collection with ease!

Decide exactly who, how and when internal and external parties can access your digital assets. Simple to set up and easy to change, apply to individuals or to groups of users at one time.

Choose exactly which parts of your collection each user can access, so that you can restrict sensitive content and provide all users with the correct digital assets that they need to do their job.

Customised Workflow
another way iMediaflow® DAM Solution can improve your business

iMediaflow® can be configured to fit around your organisation’s existing workflow. This means you can continue doing business in the manner you are used to while increasing your productivity exponentially.

Choose exactly what metadata fields members can view and access in your catalogue process, allowing you to control what those tasked with contributing and cataloguing can access or change on an individual basis or by groups of users. This feature allows you to structure your asset cataloguing and publishing procedures with levels of function and responsibility, simple to set up and easy to change.

We categorize your collections and media using your terminology, when you are looking for an asset you are looking for it in your own language, found in the category described as you would expect it to be.

We don’t expect you to compromise your workflows with our processes, our system is made to fit you perfectly.

Share your Digital Assets
another way iMediaflow® DAM Solution can improve your business

Many organisations aren’t fully aware of the implications of the recent changes in regulations with regards to file sharing, such as GDPR. O Our robust, file sharing features allow users to securely encrypt and share files of any size with clients, partners, or customers anywhere in the world while remaining GDPR complaint.

Decide exactly who, how and when internal and external parties can access images, documents, videos and avoid costly right’s misuse or GDPR compliance issues.

iMediaflow® stores each asset with accurate licencing, model and property release details enabling your team to ensure that all asset uses conform with your agreed usage rights, minimising the risk of copyright breach and costly infringement lawsuits. The ability to change user access levels combined with asset grouping allows you to choose exactly what people can access and use, these can be altered quickly and easily as your requirements change.

As well as controlling access, you gain full visibility of who accesses the assets and with whom they are shared. This ability to see who sent what file to which company and why will ensure that you stay GDPR compliant and give you the ability to prove so in the case of an audit.

Improve Collaboration
another way iMediaflow® DAM Solution can improve your business

Any part of your content that you stipulate can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Contributors, designers, marketeers, communications staff and any other vested party, whether internal or external can access the media they require at any point from any location, improving their ability to collaborate on projects.

Control what features of the DAM solution users can use in the system, so everyone has access to the tools appropriate to their role wherever they are working. Enabling a quicker and more productive way to work in collaboration.

Digital assets frequently change and are updated over their useful life. Version control allows you to go back to any previous version of a digital asset, particularly beneficial when several people are working on the same project as it means they can revert to an earlier version at any stage of the process should they need to.

To find more features iMediaflow® Digital Asset Management Solution has to offer, click on the link below or get in touch for a FREE DEMO!