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Corporates: Go with the flow…

… & stop overcomplicating things!

These days it‘s become the norm to overcomplicate even the simplest of things, you walk into a coffee shop for a standard Americano and end up with a king-sized caramel latte with whipped cream, caramel drizzles, amaretto crumbles, soy milk and egg nog – How did that happen?

We’re all aware of making choices that inevitably end up being the long winded version and think back in hindsight “Why did I overcomplicate such a simple matter?”, we’re only human after all.
The same goes for Digital Asset Management solutions…

  • You have your espresso solutions that on appearance are a guaranteed quick fix but are in fact lacking the substance required to give you the power to maximise you and your business.
  • Then there is the old faithful skinny latte solution that’s a safe bet, one that covers all the basics, but leaves you craving for something extra.
  • Finally you have the overloaded triple shot of caffeine solutions that ensures you have the ultimate kick but gives you a headache with the extreme complexity of the blend, – so much choice and so much information to take in.

Fancy a coffee *oops a DAM solution* that’s a perfect blend of sophistication and power, one that has an intuitive user interface with the complexity kept hidden ‘under the bonnet’?

Our solution iMediaFlow ® has been designed to allow the workflow to be fully configurable, allowing you to set your own processes within the system to fit in with your specific needs. We know that DAM solutions are not a one size fits all and we have maximised on our knowledge to create a powerful solution that is simple to use and easy to implement with only a small amount of training required – finally a solution that won’t give you that caffeine overload headache, but will turbocharge your collection with our streamlined advanced features. All your needs all in one uncomplicated cup! iMediaFlow® – there’s no comparison, just pure genius.

A professional DAM will help you to tackle issues like permissions, usage policies, formatting, rights, managing multiple file types, and ensuring that brand-appropriate assets are used. A consumer system or network drive just doesn’t cut it in these areas. It’s simple really — if I need a centralised storage solution then you do too. Why waste another minute of your day hunting for long-lost files? I’ll bet you’ve got much better things to do.