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How are you sharing Digital Content with stakeholders?

In this week’s story we will be discussing how you can share digital content securely with your stakeholders. Memory sticks are a thing of the past, secure cloud storage the current future. So, we’ll discuss how this secure cloud storage works, particularly how a DAM solution can help you share digital content securely. We’ll also give you insights into how these DAM solution work, and explain how they house and share digital content.

Have you ever worried about the security of your digital content?

Have you ever sent some digital content over to someone and wondered if unwanted eyes are looking at your digital content? You’re not alone if you think this! As the I.S Buzz reported in 2015, almost 70% of correspondents send messages to the wrong person. And based on traditional methods of communications, the same error is just as likely with data. If you use insecure Cloud Storage products, USB Drives and email to distribute your digital content you are facing a risk. Why? It’s easy for nefarious folk to intercept or take an opportunity of the item is lost.

Email sent securely - I think,with an emoji face. This supports the story as regards insecure cloud storage, email and memory sticks as unsafe solutions.

Have you ever sent the wrong email to a person?

At some point you have probably sent a text message or email to the wrong person? But have you ever sent a piece of digital content to the wrong person? 40% of Brits have admitted to being on the receiving end of a message that was clearly intended to go to someone else. Sometimes, this might even be one of your competitors, file sharing dangers, exploring habits that unstuck numerous professionals.

More than embarrassment, sometimes it comes with a cost

Not only do your day to day businesses fall victim to the loss of valuable content but even the UK army has had security issues. Back in 2008, a USP memory stick was lost which contained sensitive information. It contained information on the movements and training locations of 70 soldiers from the 3rd Battalion, Yorkshire Regiment. Thankfully, in this instance no individual came to any harm.

The hero of the hour, a Neqquay club owner who found the memory stick in their nightclub. And that sadly isn’t an isolated incident. Since 2004 the Ministry of Defense has lost more than 120 Memory Sticks. That is a lot of valuable Digital Content on the verge of falling into the wrong hands.

error message - Arm holding sign protruding out of a laptop screen.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of an email that wasn’t for you?

There are many ways your digital assets can end up falling into the wrong hands:

  • Reply to all
    When replying to an email, hitting the reply to all options when you really wanted to reply to just the one person is a very easy. It is a common way to distribute your digital content to the wrong individuals.

  • Memory Stick
    With a memory stick, or a USB drive or some sort, being so compact and ideal makes it an easy way to misplace your digital assets. These can be lost easily without you even realizing until you need it next.

  • Unsecure Cloud Storage
    By storing your digital content using an Unsecure Cloud Storage product can open a whole lot of risks. Using predominantly ‘free’ Cloud Storage products can come at a cost that you may not be aware of.

Clearly using traditional methods of sharing Digital assets is becoming more of a day to day irritation than a benefit. We are aware that out of all the ‘old-fashioned’ ways of collaborating theses can become the default. Also, some see them sometimes as a less time-consuming method. However, it is also less time consuming for nefarious parties to act against your organisation once they have access.

As technology is ever advancing why should you be stuck with the old ways of sharing digital content?  How about bringing yourself and your team into the modern world? You can do so by using advanced solutions to manage your Digital content. Such solutions are referred to as DAM solutions, which offer an array of benefits.  Read about the 5 risks of not having a DAM system.