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Libraries: We’ve got the keywords, we’ve got the secret…

and you’ve got the assets!

If it’s not broken it doesn’t need fixing! – an old unenthusiastic saying that resonates a very strong message, it explains why over time we all get into a set routine and why we are so resistant to change, but change is good right? Yes, yes, yes, Change opens up new opportunities that will bring a spark back into your daily routine. Out with the old in with the new… a much better saying to live by!

The same philosophy goes for the way assets are handled, over time, the process of cataloguing and tagging images becomes robotic, laborious and downright frustrating.
You have created your own method that works for you, but your colleagues and contributors have a completely different way of doing things – do you ever find that you are spending so much of your own time meticulously adding keywords that match your assets, but your colleagues are tagging irrelevant keywords to theirs – “We need consistency!! How are our customers supposed to accurately find what they need if the keywords are not correct?”

“Put yourself in their shoes”

When our daily routine is filled with cataloguing, batching and uploading, we often forget the real reason behind it all and what the final outcome is in the eyes of our prospective buyers,
do we know if all our hard work is really enhancing our buyer’s experience? How can we know if we are meeting the needs of our image buyers? – Without a super-efficient system in place that can ensure correct tagging, along with an accurate search facility that always brings up the most relevant images – it’s highly unlikely!

Did you forget about our secret sauce?

Our secret sauce is our iMediaflow® rapid cataloguing feature that automatically adds common metadata to your batch, it makes your life even simpler as you refine as you go, and before you know it you will have a complete set of data rich assets with the appropriate keyword ranking ready to upload to your eager buyers. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about adding singular/plurals and synonyms, as they are all there auto-tagged for you – we’ve taken the drudgery out of keywording and made it more fun and easy, to the point that we now have contributors actually doing the keywording themselves using the Controlled Vocabulary built in to the Category Tree. It helps them to know that having consistency across your image library is vital to delivering accurate and relevant search results that lead to more purchases, it’s what your image buyers expect, so give it to them.

At CiT Digital we have created a solution that will expedite the whole cataloguing process and allow you to reflect the organised Category Tree structure of the back end onto the front end – empowering your customers to do multi-faceted searches that deliver the results that they need quickly and easily. The secret is simple – streamline your processes to enhance your buyer’s experience – Win Win!