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Workflow for Creative Teams

Digital Workflow Solutions for Creative Teams


As creative professionals, we’re always looking for ways to streamline our workflow. Whether you’re working on a project with a large team or as part of an independent agency, there are times when simply sending an email containing your creative assets or sharing files via DropBox isn’t enough. That’s where iMediaflow® comes in!

Is your Project Management System letting you down when it comes to sharing files as part of your creative workflow? 

If you are a team leader or an individual contributor, chances are you have dealt with this issue at some point in your career.

The problem is that normal project management systems aren’t geared up for handling workflows for creative teams. For example, they don’t offer full Digital Asset Management, including Approval Processes or Version Control. They are also too slow or too complicated to use.

See how iMediaflow® leverages its unified workspace solution to deliver a Creative Workflow that eliminates delays and bottlenecks that slow down even the most high-performing creative teams

iMediaflow® leverages its unified workspace solution to deliver a Creative Workflow by offering:

    • A single place where all tasks, projects and assets are organized in one simple view
    • Real-time collaboration between team members with automatic notifications when changes are made or new tasks are assigned
    • Built-in templates for quick project creation from scratch or from existing workflows you’ve set up before

Collaborate in real-time with all stakeholders with built-in Approval Processes & Version Control  

Real-time collaboration is essential to creative teams, and can be achieved by using digital workflows that provide approval processes for creatives. With version control, you can track previous versions of your work and revert back to them if needed.

With iMediaflow®, you can easily construct a workflow and assign tasks to team members but also invite customers, freelancers and other stakeholders to participate at different stages.

You can invite not only colleagues and other team members, but also customers, freelancers and other stakeholders. They can provide feedback in real time – for example, annotations affixed to a graphic, describing precisely what changes are needed. Team leaders can monitor progress in real time and know exactly where they are on a project.

Get Approvals for creatives in real-time, without having to revert to emails or switching apps.

Gone are the days where you would rely on emails for getting approvals and then switching to your Project Management System for assigning tasks and then flipping to DropBox or other cloud file sharing platforms for accessing large files. You have access to everything you need all in one Unified Digital Workspace, saving you time and money, turbo-charging your team’s productivity.

Version Control with full access to all versions of a file from conception to the very latest with full audit trail.

One of the difficulties creatives face is having access to all the different versions of a file throughout the different stages from conception. iMediaflow® makes it easy to access the different versions through its powerful Version Control feature, where the files are viewable all in one place, together with details of the changes and by whom. Every time you make a change to a file, you can add your own comments to the version history. This allows you to see who made which changes and when they were made. You can also revert back to previous versions of a file if required. Creatives find this an invaluable feature, making the collaboration process where remote working is not a hindrance.

When the project is completed all approved digital assets are auto-tagged and added to the DAM, where it’s accessible by all stakeholders with the correct permissions.  

When you have completed the project, rest assured in the knowledge that all the approved digital assets are auto-tagged with the correct tags and added to the DAM (Knowledge Hub) for easy access by all users with the correct access permissions. This means that none of your valuable content is ever stuck or lost in silos.  

Seeing is believing – so why not arrange a free demo, you’ll be amazed at the speed and accuracy of our creative workflow and collaborative resource management platform! 

Arrange a free demo and see how quickly you can share your creative assets with the rest of your team.

We’ll show you how many people are involved in the project, and how they can access the files they need at any time.


I hope this post has been helpful in giving you an overview of what is possible when it comes to building a digital workflow for your creative team. If you are still unsure about whether iMediaflow® could help your business, please get in touch and we would be happy to arrange a free demo that shows how easy it really is! You can contact us by email at [email protected]