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Knowledge Hub for Creative Teams in a Unified Digital Workspace

Knowledge Hub for Creative Teams in a Unified Digital Workspace

Is it time consuming for you to find or access the right digital assets and its versions, when you need them?

The problem is that most creative teams don’t have a single, unified digital workspace. They use different tools to store their information – images, graphics, spreadsheets, e-mail threads and documents scattered across different locations on different apps. The result? Getting back up to speed on any given project takes longer than it should because someone has to track down the relevant digital assets they need and who knows what in which format etc. Instead of writing ideas down on scraps of paper or sending countless emails back and forth with colleagues all over the world, some organizations are trying to build more efficient workflows by using specialized software platforms that allow people across departments or even continents to collaborate effectively on projects without having access (or even knowing) each other’s location or time zone.

Centralize and Index Assets

Without a centralized digital workspace for managing team resources, Creative Leads have to manage digital content on multiple platforms. This results in difficulties finding the right version of an asset from amongst all the different versions that have been shared externally. It also makes it difficult to manage teams and collaborate on ideas with external stakeholders.

Additionally, current tools do not support cross-application collaboration which means that designers cannot share their work across multiple applications such as Adobe XD, Sketch or Illustrator. As a result they tend to use individual programs rather than one central location where they can keep track of their progress in real-time.

See how iMediaflow® leverages its unified workspace solution to provide a Creative Knowledge Hub, all under one roof that allows you to access or find all digital assets quickly and easily.

    • Centralize and index all your digital assets
    • Allow valuable digital assets to be easily added to the Knowledge Hub
    • Access all versions of your digital assets all in one place
    • Assign granular access control, so that only the right people have access to what they need and no one else

Find and share in real-time with all stakeholders with built-in Approval Processes & Version Control

Get the right information to the right people in real-time

Knowledge Hub is a central repository for all your digital assets and a Single Source of Truth for all your content. It’s a complete solution for all your content management needs. It allows you to get the right information to the right people in real-time, so that they can make decisions immediately, without having to switch apps or wait on something else or someone else.

Move projects forward, even if team members are working remotely

As a creative professional, you know that your best work comes when you’re given the freedom to do what you do best: create.

Whether you’re working remotely or on-site, iMediaflow® allows your team members to focus on their craft without getting bogged down in administrative tasks or project management tools. Instead of having to hop from Slack channel to Slack channel and email inbox to email inbox while sharing files across different servers and cloud storage providers, the iMediaflow® platform brings it all together on a single Unified Digital Workspace, so everyone can seamlessly contribute their ideas wherever they are.

iMediaflow® – Helps the businesses create knowledge and leverage it across the organization.

iMediaflow® is a cloud-based, Unified Digital Workspace solution that helps businesses create knowledge and leverage it across the organization. It comes with a suite of features that allow you to easily manage your content and get it to the right people at the right time.

With iMediaflow®, as part of your workflow, you can easily add valuable digital assets you’ve created to the DAM Knowledge Hub and allow customers, freelancers and other stakeholders to access with granular access control at any time.

iMediaflow® is a cloud-based integrated Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform that allows you to work in a unified workspace for all your creative teams. iMediaflow®, allows your team to easily keep track of their work and when completed, the finished articles are tagged and automatically added to the centralised DAM Knowledge Hub. They are then available for easy access by customers, freelancers and other stakeholders with granular access control at any time.

Ensure, none of your valuable content is ever stuck or lost in silos.

If you use iMediaflow®, you can avoid the problem of your valuable digital assets being stuck or lost in silos. It comes with powerful search features enabling users to be able to find what they need easily and quickly when they are needed. This includes any file type: audio, video, text-based documents — even 3D design files that were created in one software application and opened in another.

Version Control will allow you to access all versions of your digital assets without wasting time searching over several other apps.

Version control is an important part of any creative development process, as it helps creatives keep track of changes made to the various revisions of files from conception to completion. The key benefit is that the different versions can all be found in one place with full details of the revisions made by whom and when in each instance together with full audit trails.

The Knowledge Hub is your Single Source of Truth for all your content.

By using iMediaflow®, you avoid the risk of having different, outdated copies of your digital assets spread across the organisation, kept on individual’s folders or a variety of separate network folders. Instead, iMediaflow® allows you to consolidate all your digitals assets in a centralised DAM Knowledge Hub that ensures there is only one Single Source of Truth. This includes:

    • Images and graphics files of different types and formats
    • Documents, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint files
    • Presentations that you’ve created with Office Online apps
    • Videos stored on OneDrive or YouTube that you have linked to the file using a link tool
    • Audio files of different types and formats
    • Basically, any and all indutsry standard digital file types!

You’ve heard the age-old axiom: knowledge is power. And if you have a perfect Knowledge Resource Solution, it makes your life so much easier – so why not arrange a free demo, you’ll be amazed at the speed and ease of our creative DAM Knowledge Hub and user-friendly Resource Management Platform!


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