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Where the heck is it?

Have you ever bought someone a present early? Grabbed a bargain and felt so proud of yourself for finding the perfect gift? Only to realise when it comes to wrapping it, that the safe place you stashed it in is long forgotten.


Those really obvious places we keep valuable items safe often elude us. Where did I put the CD of images from the Directors Portrait shoot? Which folder did I save the Annual Report design files in? Searching for missing files when you need them is incredibly annoying, but not quite as stressful as when they get into the wrong hands.


Colleagues can innocently come across a great photo to use on the website not knowing that it’s rights managed, and you only had the right to use it one time in print – then comes the hefty breech of license fine.


So why create stressful situations for yourself, make life easier for you and your team with a DAM Solution that will safely and securely store all your valuable digital assets in a single searchable archive. Imagine how great it would be to tap in a couple of keywords and BINGO! You’ve got the exact document you need.


AND – the icing on the cake, you can share it effortlessly with trusted colleagues and even have an automatic audit trail showing who has been supplied with which files and for what purpose.


So, no more playing hide and seek with photos, PDFs, videos, graphics or logos, save time, save money and reduce your stress – iMediaflow® Digital Asset Management Solution.