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Why You Should Always double check before you send …

Have you ever looked back on a message you wish you worded differently or even in some cases didn’t send at all? Whether you have sent a message to the wrong friend, colleague or an ex-partner, a lot of us have been guilty of not always checking before we send. In this article we are going to go through some reasons why you should always double check before you send. We are also going to provide some real-life examples of people who should have.

You probably have sent a message to the wrong person or the wrong message to a certain individual. It doesn’t make it any easier though as none of us want to mess up when it comes to getting in touch with someone. Especially in a day to day business environment. Just to emphasis our point on why you should double check before you send, we have provided you with some real-life examples:

Example 1 – Are you ready to Party…No…

Firstly well we’ll just let you feel the pain of this poor guy who missed out on a party…

Guy sending party message to wrong person.

Example 2 – The Calling in Sick Message

Out of all the wrong messages you can send, no other way of doing so is easier than sending a text message to the wrong person.

Having all your contacts that close together in a smart device, you can be sure to have some fatal errors from time to time. Especially for this individual from the US who did send an original text to his boss. He meant to say he was “sick”, then, well it all went a bit wrong by the second text . . .

We hope that fishing trip was worth it

The first text sent informed his boss that he would not be in the office as he was coming down with a horrible illness.  Just moments after he sent a second message. ‘Got my fishing rods lined up. Cooler is full of beer and boat is in the water. See you at the dock in 20.’

I think we all felt his head hit the palm of his hand after sending that message.

Example 3 – Cats! (Not the musical)

A wrong message can usually have a bad ending to it. But not always…

Image of cat looking decidedly unhappy.

In 2014 the life accessories brand Fab sent an email out. It contained images of multiple cats, but something was wrong straight way.

The subject line entitled “[TEST] PM Tracking Test” indicated straight away that this clearly wasn’t meant to go out. Especially to the 100,000 customers that received it. But all was not a disaster!

Just a few hours later Fab followed-up with all the customers who received the wrong email. It was delivered with a well-crafted email about their message. The message involved cat puns, more images of cats and even more generous 10% discount!

As you can imagine this put a smile on a lot of people’s faces. Well done to the marketing team on turning around. A beautiful example of turning an email disaster into a victory!

Example 4 – Top Secret Example

Even back in year 2000, when technology was just coming into play, people were hitting the send button before realizing who the email was going to. In this case, out of all the organizations that were going to commit this error you wouldn’t expect it to be the pentagon, would you?

A UK schoolgirl in Devon, Claire McDonald, was minding her own business when she received 11 emails each day for the following 6 months. These emails were coming from a top-secret source at none other than the pentagon in the US. Turns out Claire had been added to a recipients list.

After receiving a total of 250 sensitive emails, each of which contained classified information about the UK’s military secrets, 15-year-old Clare got in touch with the British Navy.

Talk about receiving a wrong email, but how about that training in espionage in the meantime . . .

Example 5 – 4,3,2,1, No blast off

A typo can be easily be forgiven here and there but usually isn’t a costly issue. But in this case a typo could cost you quite a bit. Up to $80 Million in fact…

In 1962 NASA were ready to launch Mariner 1 which would have been the first interplanetary probe to get up close with Venus. Well it would have if there wasn’t a typo.

Even though hyphens don’t have a massive impact in day to day typo issues, they sure did in this costly mission. Due to the singular absence of a hyphen the probe that was meant to go to infinity and beyond never made it off the ground. Instead the space craft exploded.

The Space Odyssey Novelist Arthur G Clarke described it as “the most expensive hyphen in history.” And he was not wrong…

Make sure you double check before you send or take off!

Inevitably we have all sent or will send the odd wrong message or wrong email to the wrong person. Hopefully though it won’t cost you $80 million.

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