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How are you sharing Digital Content with stakeholders? Pt. 2

In this week’s discussion we will be elaborating and expanding on points that we mentioned in our previous blog post. That is, how can you use secure cloud storage to protect your digital content using a DAM solution. We will also be discussing the solutions you can use to prevent your Digital content getting into the wrong hands.

The old ways of storing content are a risk

Previously, we had discussed the many ways in which you put your digital content at risk on a day to day basis. This is including malware threats on your systems. Using USB drives is one inefficient way of distributing Digital Content. We’ve all been there, looking for the SD card we could have sworn we left in the top office draw. Even the Government have fallen victim to this error…

Even her majesty’s government have faced similar issues

Back in 2008 a subcontractor working closely with the government had lost an important memory stick. That stick contained sensitive information of certain individuals and gateways to a website. The website allowed members of the public to access services the government provided from tax returns to child benefits. This was a big issue as that data was out there somewhere. Now available to a nefarious individual with a more sinister use for that data.

Thankfully the memory stick was then found at a pub car park in Staffordshire, soon after. All this caused a lot of uproar and even got the prime minister at the time, Gordon Brown, involved. Soon after the incident he spoke strongly of how the government will need “to Explain itself”.

Image of a collection of memory sticks on a table surface

The era of insecure storage should come to an end in due course

Though easy to do, the old ways of sharing digital content were time consuming. Uploading digital content into storage solutions or onto USB sticks, and the distribution of back and forth. As it is having to project manage by iteration via email. In today’s technologically advanced era, why should you be using old practices of sharing digital content? Not when there are more secure and easier ways of working available.

Using sophisticated solutions, you could manage all your digital content from one central depository. This will save you time endlessly running around the office for that all-important content you need. You know, the USB stick you could have sworn was on your desk. Do you want the simplicity of sharing and accessing your digital content at just a click of a button? Of course, you do! Find out a bit more about central depositories now.