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Corporates: All of your digital assets in one, centralized location?

Yes! And it will make your life so much easier!

Ever had that gut wrenching feeling when you are on route to your important business meeting and you remember that you haven’t checked if you have the correct files for your presentation on your laptop! Your mind is now firing on all cylinders, you are certain they had all copied over … oh and the images! Has the licensing and usage been extended and amended?

  • Step 1 – Make a panicked phone call to the office and hope that your colleagues can understand your marketing department’s filing system on your office shared network server.
  • Step 2 – The hunt begins! Make your colleagues go through every folder possible
  • Step 3 – Breathe a sigh of relief, finally after all the commotion of going through numerous files, your colleague triumphs and finds the folder of files and the licencing data – luckily Mary had realised and contacted the image library and updated the usage and licensing (she’s a legend – note to self-buy Mary a gift for saving your skin)
  • Step 4 – The high resolution file is too large to send over email
  • Step 5 – Agree with your colleagues to use a third party email platform…
  • Step 6 – The files gets zipped over to you laptop just in time– phew!!

Sound familiar?

No longer will you have to experience that dreaded feeling because we will have you covered! Our solution iMediaflow® has been designed to improve your media asset management and provide stability across your organization. Never again will your staff and colleagues be put on the spot to find elusive files as our cloud based solution simplifies the process of organizing, searching and sharing file. Every digital asset and file will be accessible in one centralized repository where you can store them along with their respective usage rights and permissions to ensure that they are used appropriately and avoid costly copyright breaches.

Manage any kind of file… corporate media assets, marketing collateral , product folders, contracts, images, videos, text documents, logos or artwork, the list goes on, you name it! You will have complete freedom knowing that you can access any file, whenever, wherever 24/7 from any digital device with network access.