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Protect Your Content and Ensure Availability with CiTDigital's iMediaflow

Protect Your Content and Ensure Availability with CiTDigital’s iMediaflow®

In the digital age, brands must delicately balance content protection with availability to drive business value. Copyright violations or regulatory non-compliance can damage reputation and trust. However, locking down assets slows production and hinders user experience.
CiTDigital offers an elegant solution with our iMediaflow® unified digital asset management (DAM) platform. By centralising creative libraries and powering them with oversight and automation, we enable organisations to govern their content, ensure compliance, and protect their brand – all while keeping assets accessible to fuel growth.

The Risks of Fragmented Content

When creative assets are scattered across siloed systems, brands lose control. It becomes impossible to track how these files are being used, increasing the risk of:
  • Copyright infringement: From internal misuse or external theft, which damages brand integrity. For example, Google was sued in 2015 by photographer Mario Tama for using his image of Hurricane Sandy aftermath without permission, resulting in a $1.175 million settlement.
  • Brand dilution:Inconsistent creative dilutes and distorts brand identity. Without guidelines and oversight, regional offices or external partners may produce off-brand collateral. For instance, a partner created marketing materials using outdated logos and imagery without approval.
  • Content sprawl: Bloated, redundant, and outdated files make it harder for employees to find and reuse assets, hampering productivity.

iMediaflow® – A Unified Asset Management Solution

iMediaflow® eliminates these risks by unifying creative libraries into a centralised, governed hub. Here are some of its key features:
  • Automated copyright protection: Checks new uploads for infringement to prevent unauthorised use.
  • Advanced user permissions: Allows granular control over who can access, edit, download or share specific assets based on roles.
  • Tight integration across enterprise apps and cloud storage: Consolidates content from all repositories into one searchable platform.
  • Custom retention policies: Automates archiving and deletion of stale creative based on set schedules.
  • Dashboards and audit logs: Provides visibility into content usage, access, and compliance data for reporting and oversight.

Protect Brand Integrity While Driving Growth

With iMediaflow®, brands can freely utilise creative assets to deliver exceptional experiences, while ensuring those assets remain protected, compliant, and on-brand. Core benefits include:
  • Faster production cycles: Easy asset search and reuse leads to faster time to market.
  • Reduced risk of data misuse and brand dilution: Centralised data and automated workflows help to prevent unauthorised access and misuse of assets.
  • Streamlined compliance: Centralised data and reporting make it easy to track compliance with regulations.
  • Higher productivity: Eliminating redundant files and improving collaboration saves time and money.

In today’s complex digital landscape, iMediaflow® lets your organisation embrace the advantages of content availability while mitigating the downside risks. Learn more about our unified DAM solution or request a personalised demo today.