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iMediaflow®: Your Dedicated Knowledge Source Management Engine on MS Viva Platform

Processing tons of information every day can impact any organisation negatively. With technologies and advanced systems put in place, employees have no choice but deal with an overwhelming amount of data exchanged between teammates, clients, partners, and other stakeholders at a much faster speed. What’s worse is, irrelevant information sometimes gets shared within the team, causing additional stress on the employees.

Information overload, without a doubt, causes a bad employee experience overall, putting an impact on the workers’ health and productivity as the amount of data they need to process daily becomes just too much to handle—even if there’s a content management system in place.

In a recent study by California-based mind mapping and innovation management software company Mindjet, it was found that 65.2 per cent of UK employees said that their work is negatively impacted by the high amount of data they have to process at work. As a result, employees resort to panicking instead of sorting through the information they deal with. And when the team member is not given enough time to go through data that comes in, they end up creating mediocre output and getting burned out—things that will never benefit either the employee or the organisation.

This problem can be avoided, of course. With the right knowledge source management solution in place, employees can catch up and focus their energy only on the data that matters to them the most.

Say Hello to iMediaFlow®, Your MS Viva Knowledge Source Management Engine

iMediaflow®, a flagship digital asset management solution of DAM leader CiT Digital, helps organisations develop a great employee experience system and eliminates information overload,  whilst at the same time providing an improved workflow process and User Interface. By integrating with Microsoft Viva, iMediaflow® complements MS Viva’s goal of seamlessly incorporating knowledge and information from a variety of third-party services and showing a customised view of topics and data for all users.

How does iMediaflow® do that?

iMediaflow® is so revolutionary that it has its own AI-powered smart tagging and context sensitive search options using two of its core components TrueTags™ & TrueCV™.   That said, an employee can not only search and find files using specific terms easily but also classify content in MS Viva and SharePoint accurately, whether it is company resources, internal policies, or connections with clients. While the TrueTag™ AI based file tagging feature allows you to quickly tag images with relevant captions for user friendly & easy access on MS Teams & Office 365, the TrueSearch™ technology enables you to easily find your files using an advanced multi-faceted search feature.

Knowledge discovery is also enhanced when you integrate iMediaflow® into MS Viva Topics. As Viva Topics automatically shows topic cards, correspondence, and documents across MS Teams and Office 365. iMediaflow® further empowers this employee experience platform by employees to search and find content held whilst providing an enhanced flexible workflow , especially those acquired and processed externally, using a single unified user interface. 

Why integrate iMediaFlow® into your MS Viva system

iMediaflow® is a powerful solution that will help you collect, structure, organise, and share both internal and external content and knowledge seamlessly. With its advanced AI-powered DAM features, you are assured that your employee experience strategy will improve, helping your employees perform better and propelling your business to greater heights.