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Digital Asset Management Innovations to Watch Out for in 2021

Moving to a cloud-based system is obviously indispensable for businesses nowadays. With the pandemic unveiling the growing trend of remote work setups all over the world, the utilisation of digital asset management solutions has heightened as more and more companies want to ensure that their operations and service delivery remain unhampered while their employees continue working safely at home. And with the new strain of the coronavirus threatening the world again, it seems like WFH arrangement will not go anywhere anytime soon.

In the EU, around 40 per cent of employed individuals have started working fully remotely since the outbreak of COVID-19, according to the survey conducted by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions or Eurofound. But still, for many organisations and businesses, the unexpected switch to telework brought a number of difficulties, especially in terms of collaboration and access to important information, documents, programs, and the like.

But thanks to innovative digital asset management solutions, companies can enjoy seamless operations without worrying about their teams securely accessing and sharing company data through cloud computing. But of course, while there are numerous DAM providers to choose from, businesses should opt for one offering not only functional but rather practical solutions that will further streamline their processes and propel their companies further to success.

So this 2021, what DAM innovations should you look for? Here are some of the most important ones that you need to keep in mind.

Integrated digital marketing hub

Gone are the days when DAM is limited solely to storing and retrieving your images and other resources for easy access on the Web or the cloud. Today, forward-thinking DAM providers have levelled up their game by incorporating social media and digital marketing functions into the entire system. For a digital marketing agency, this means being able to share digital brand assets to different team members as well as to clients; and to customise these assets according to specific platform needs.

Enhanced user experience

While any DAM company will tell you their UI is simple, oftentimes, their system is created for those who understand technical IT stuff. It just doesn’t make sense for other employees in other departments who also need to access company assets and resources.

Thankfully, the trend for user-friendly DAM systems is on the rise, where providers have simplified storing, creating, and customising digital assets to make internal processes and workflows more efficient and non-intimidating even for the non-tech-savvy employees. 

AI-powered search functionality

Catalouging cloud-based data has always been a struggle for many companies. Usually, different employees follow their own file naming and file locating style. Most of the time, businesses don’t establish guidelines even with a DAM system in place. With these individual catalouging preferences, searching for specific files can take longer than necessary.

Of course, modern DAM providers recognise this problem, so they’ve devised a search functionality that automates asset finding for any member of the team. This is made possible through AI-powered metadata mapping, funnelling, and automated keywording.

With the trends mentioned above, it is apparent that digital asset management continues to evolve and match what modern businesses and organisations need, especially with the non-stop advancement in technology.