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How you can leverage your Office 365 Solutions with digital asset management?

Now that most people are working remotely, ever experienced this?

  • Uncoordinated documents and files
  • Delays in approval
  • Files and document lost in emails
  • Different version of files in different storage areas

You probably also tried to solve all of these by conducting video conferences and sharing your screen so all the changes are made in real time.  But is everyone available to do that when you need it?  Doesn’t that make it more time-consuming?

We all know what Office 365 solutions can do and its capabilities.  It’s widely used all over for its convenience and user-friendliness.  Everyone is familiar with the interface.  Over the years, MS Office’s features advances with additional functions.  With MS Teams, we can even conduct training and conferences all in one application.

However, no matter how advanced Office 365 solution is, it is still lacking. MS Office tools have introduced their new enterprise employee performance platform, this has smoothened the internal communication process of accessing information in the teams etc. But still, the whole platform gets limited beyond the enterprise scope of collaboration, let’s say with clients, partners or other stakeholders.
Collaborating with your clients and stakeholders is a very crucial part of your information sharing workflow. But if you have a situation where your clients or partners are not on the same information-sharing platform using Office 365 tools, then it will be trouble for you to share information without sacrificing the productivity of your workforce.

The process of document navigation, sharing and accessing documents is so complex that employees need dedicated training to learn how the documents will be shared in a workflow. Although it allows real-time solutions, the participants are also limited.

So why not integrate a DAM (Digital Asset Management) system with your Office 365?  How will it help?

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) helps store your files, documents, other digital contents in a centralised repository. This way, it’s easy to access, retrieve, and curate files whenever you need it.  With the help of AI-assisted file tagging features, collaboration is easier, and workflow is smoother.

What are the challenges most people have that a DAM integrated Office 365 Solutions can help you with?

  • Multiple versions of documents in different storages.  Now, it’s in one storage area and real-time versions.
  • Inaccessible and hard-to-find documents.  By putting appropriate tags on files, files are easy to find and retrieve.
  • Inability to make team collaborations.  With the DAM, it sends the recipients alerts when a document is shared with them. 
  • Unable to track file or document changes.  The DAM shows you an audit trail so you know who edited what and what changes were made.
  • Approval is delayed.  Since collaboration is easier and files changes in real-time, approval workflow is faster and made with just one click.

For example, you have files to be sent out and needed feedback from different departments.  You can store this document in one cloud storage and share with people involved.  Once they access it, they can edit, change, and save files, and these changes are made in real-time.  Approvals are now easier and faster.

Imagine a DAM integrated MS Teams.  You don’t need to share your screen.  Share the files to the participants and make the changes with or without talking to them through video conferences.  No more different file versions, no more unnecessary meetings, and everything is stored in one place.  How convenient is that?

Why not give it a try?  Your enterprise definitely needs an all-in-one solution.  The DAM integrated MS Teams increases work productivity by streamlining the process.  It simplifies the workflow, making the process smoother and faster.  Let us help you out.