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Find files quickly and easily

The core function of any DAM platform is the ability to find files quickly and easily. While some DAM solution providers have sat on their laurels over the last decade, we have continued to develop and widen the operating envelope of what a DAM can do. Our search functions have set the new standard in Digital Asset search precision and speed.

We create a controlled vocabulary using your own terminology so that searches are intuitive because you are searching in your own language, not ours. This comes with a choice of keywords that can be chosen, the relevant synonyms are then automatically included. In addition, we provide you with a universal thesaurus that forms a second layer to expand your search capability.

Our Category tree searches are a step above and beyond advanced search options, true multi-faceted searching that is fast and simple to use. We organise your assets into bespoke, separate but linked categories that can be searched independently or in combination. This allows you to select which areas you want to search and at the same time exclude the areas where you don’t want to look, choose whether to check inside one category, several or all of them at once. This, in essence, filters out the overlapping irrelevant results that you find when using normal multiple keywords so that you can cut through the chaff and get to the file you need more quickly and easily.

Advanced search options are configured to suit your requirements, size, file type, orientation, word exclusion, phrases, match any word, whole phrase, the choice is yours.

Take full advantage of our Boolean search operators, use AND, OR, NOT to refine or expand your file searches to find the files that you need more quickly and easily.