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3 reasons you should be using Microsoft Teams in 2021!

Modern organisations are more and more being defined by collaboration and teamwork. As we all know, in any team, it is key to have an excellent and functional space for everyone to easily communicate and make creative decisions, which is made possible through the use of interactive business communication apps.

From the time it was introduced to the market, Microsoft Teams started growing as one of the fastest developing applications in Microsoft’s set of experiences with hundreds of thousands of organisations utilising it.

Straightforward Collaboration

It can be difficult when preparing everything for a brainstorming session. What more when resource documents are all over the place! The agenda sent in the group chat, the resolutions in  a PowerPoint presentation, lengthy emails to be reviewed–it can get crazy.

The Microsoft Teams Integration makes that experience a lot simpler and smoother. The participants in the meeting can easily have access, share documents and files, as well as the ability to chat with them about the agenda and whatnot. It is also easy to even check the participants and be advised of those who shouldn’t be there.

You can also easily refer to what was discussed, thanks to the readily available recorded version of your meeting. So in case you missed anything, you can immediately refer to the video, along with the notes and all.

Centralised Information Repository

Did you know that MS Teams is more than just about chatting?

By integrating MS Teams into a single productivity suite, you can directly access, save, and recover all your MS Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint records including other files from a centralised digital asset management repository. All you have to do is use your  Office 365 Microsoft applications and you can store, and organise your valuable company data and resources plus collaborate with your team without the hassle.

With this setup, you will also be able to search for media files on MS Teams and Office 365 the way you would on a search engine. The standard application documents saved on your O365 platform are tagged and made accessible through an excellent file-tagging technology and presents a much simpler UI that provides context sensitive search options. This means users from different departments can easily type in a term to search for a file via MS Teams and not need to painstakingly go through tons of folders in the server to look for a document.

Accessibility Anywhere in the World

Wherever you are in the world, you’ll have access to all of your company information and resources for as long as you’re connected via MS Teams. With a single Sign-on (SSO) feature, you can track and access multiple versions of a document, or even save, organise, and tag files without user intervention. Isn’t it powerful to be in control of your work without restricted to a single location through Microsoft Teams?