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Artificial Intelligence: The future of DAM is here.

Artificial intelligence has arrived. iMediaflow uses Ai to recognise, categorise and tag image content, saving you hours of monotonous admin time. No longer do you have to every time you upload an image to your library. Gone are the days of having to manually input keywords (or spend ages thinking about which words to use).

Why spend days doing something our solution can do instantly? Wouldn’t your time be better spent elsewhere?

Our brand-new Ai enabled™ solution uses algorithms to instantly and intelligently tag and categorise your images so you don’t have to. You don’t need an English degree, a thesaurus or any poetic inspiration to use our software. It just works for you.

  • iMediaflow extracts the metadata from your images and uses it to automatically create tags, giving more precise search results to you and your clients.
  • Organise content with the category tree. Whether your industry is engineering or fishing, you can create a bespoke category tree using market specific language for your individual organisation.
  • Latest Research shows that Ai could create a more comprehensive list of keywords, more reliably than a human can. There’s no spelling mistakes or forgetting words.
  • Better tagging and categorising means more specific and relevant search results.
  • iMediaflow is mobile responsive and accessible from anywhere in the world with internet access, meaning that your team can work together from any location.

You wouldn’t sweep the floor if you had a hoover, so why make uploading and organising images a stressful and time-consuming struggle with an out-dated technology? Just a click of a button and your images can be tagged and easy to access in seconds. As they say, Time is Money…

iMediaflow offers a heavy weight solution that’s light weight and easy to use. So, don’t choose a solution that will require you to commit extra admin time, invest in iMediaflow and save valuable time and money.

The future of digital asset management is here, speak to us today about arranging a personalised demo for your business. We’re offering selected customers a 50% discount but hurry, this is for a limited time only. Phone us on +44(0) 114 258 2400 or email [email protected].