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Who needs elves when you have DAM!

So, I’m sure you believe…

Father Christmas can deliver to all the children in all the world in one night.


All he needs is a team of flying reindeer to pull the magic sleigh which can carry enough toys for every child in the world including bikes, surfboards and puppies. AND a tardis like sack that he can carry on his back with ease even though it holds a few thousand tonnes of gifts, which will easily squeeze down the smallest chimney along with his somewhat rotund self.

Now that is a major task!

All you need to do is deliver a few files…

A couple of sensitive files to a colleague at the Los Angeles office and some images and videos with their licencing information to your design agency – sounds easy, so why is it causing you such a headache?

  • Problem number 1 – You have to make sure that you send sensitive information in a ‘GDPR compliant’ way and you’re not entirely sure a) How to do that and b) Where you put the memo which tells you what that even means.
  • Problem 2 – The images that you need were bought by Lucy and they are somewhere on the network drive. Even if you were able to find them no one knows what rights she purchased, or when!
  • Problem 3 – Those videos are massive, so they’ll take forever to upload.

Now this is a simple task! If you have a DAM Solution.

Store all your digital assets in a single cloud-based solution such as iMediaflow® then you’ll easily be able to send your colleagues the files they need. The delivery system on iMediaflow® is GDPR compliant, so you don’t need to worry about that… phew!

And you’d be able to find the images and videos you need in a couple of clicks, complete with their associated metadata and licensing (permissions/restrictions) details. Sending is quick and easy and password protected, so completely safe and GDPR compliant.

Santa’s Christmas Eve delivery takes a whole year to plan so he can only manage it once a year, your DAM will give you a quick and easy way to deliver your files 24/7, 365 days a year – better than the elves can do!

To find out how iMediaflow® cloud based DAM can be of benefit to your organisation call us on +44(0)114 258 2400 or email [email protected]