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In our Woodlands Partner we trust – Part 2

This week we discuss again the story The Woodland Trust, a successful and well established UK charity. We’ll discuss how we helped them to implement digital solutions that now enable them to achieve more. Specifically.  delivering the digital content, imagery and marketing campaigns, digital that aids the team to reach out to the nation. By managing the digital content better, the better they can communicate and secure interest from the Great British public. 

How did we help the Woodland Trust?

Following various talks together during a tendering process, we were honored that the Trust turned to us to provide that solution. We wanted to not only enable the team to deliver out more Comms but to provide a system that reduced other internal headaches. The solution was a new type of DAM (Digital Asset management) system. Our marketing team interrupt this story to instruct us that it is to be called by its proper (and trademarked) name, IMediaFlow (R). This new system fixed many of the cataloging and search issues the team had been experiencing. How did we do this though?

Image of a member of the public watching out over the fields.

The solution

As per our Woodland Trust Media Library case study, we were able to first help the content managers. We did so by implementing tagging/search mechanisms called ‘catalogue tree structures’ and ‘funnel cataloguing’. This meant that all images and digital content being ingested would be tagged and cataloged in a partly automated way. It would also be done using language and nodes which store the content in precise and specific terms. Upon taking up the system, the content managers immediately had their ‘upload’ times decreased.

They could also find much of the content they had struggled to find previously. This left them with plenty of time to focus on new content and collections that needed to be ingested. Oh, and on top of that, when the system was implemented, we helped with a backlog of digital content. This involved us ingesting all the 70K of images from their legacy DAM system and some other images that had been in holding.

Image of a red squirrel in the woods

They weren’t the only ones that were happy

So now we had relieved and happy content managers, now we needed to share the same joy with the various internal stakeholders and volunteers. Particular stakeholders in need of TLC were the creative, Comms and marketing professionals who needed that content most.  As the ingestion of the content was now so specific, it helped the team to deliver various searching much faster and far more easily. All stakeholders could now find the content they needed far more quickly and now collaborate with each other on projects. And not just for images, but also a wide variety of digital content and materials.

There were other benefits outside of image search and cataloging

The content managers got further peace of mind as they could manage user access levels within the tool. This meant they could track and monitor account activity. They also didn’t need to deliver vast amounts of training on the system. This was because the system is very intuitive and customized, tailored with the various language used by the Trust.

Furthermore, as trust and confidence re-developed, the content managers could start sharing duties with other staff members. The system made it easy for multiple contributors to safely be involved. This was whilst the rest of the team had the trust to now start handing over private content. This meant that the central system could now store digital content and serve all.  Better still, once the content was in, staff members could easily assign campaigns and projects in the system. They could also then share these externally with suppliers, agencies or staff. This could be done without fear of other materials other than that shared being accessed.


Phew . . . That was a lot of improvements! And there was more achieved than than that stated thus far. We are not responsible for the incredible work the Trust does day to day. Not responsible for the millions of trees now in the ground or woods now conserved. And we are not responsible for the vast network of like-minded subscribers and well-wishers involved in this great organization.

However, we are very happy and proud we could help solve and provide the systems and background effort that the Woodland Trust needs. With vastly better processes and systems now in place centrally, the trust can put more focus outbound to the community it serves. We are proud to now witness the team now freer, seeing some of the amazing campaigns and work they now deliver.

At the time, Colin Wood, a freelance designer at Grapefruit Creative, and an external stakeholder of the old system said of us. “I’d just like to say what a fantastic job you have done in creating the new media library. The interface and ease of use is just amazing. And now it can be accessed remotely is just a dream come true. Well done!”

Do you have similar headaches? Think we can help? Feel free to get in touch or find out more about the corporate service we offer.