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Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing


Are the next big gains from A Unified Digital Workspace?

“In modern F1 cars, thousands of data parameters are measured every second, so engineers at the track and back at base can analyse issues with the car without them even needing to come to the pits.”
(From Team McLaren – A brief history of computing in Formula 1)

From the days of basic engineering, driver intuition and reliability issues Formula 1 cars now represent the most visible example of world leading digital transformation. This transformation has resulted in the ultimate Unified Digital Workspace, the F1 Steering Wheel. From here the driver can monitor, control and influence the performance of the team, the car and ultimately the outcome of the race.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

Virtually every manufacturing business today has digital applications and communications at their heart, without them they cease to function. From the days of a few choices there is now an endless list of apps, many providing the perfect solution to specific problems. The burning topic of today is – What can Digital Transformation do for my manufacturing business?

Even considering “Digital Transformation” suggests a major upheaval, however, it can be evolution as much as revolution i.e. working smarter with the apps you have as opposed to replacing systems.

To succeed in Digital Transformation, you need to:

          • Establish shared goals
          • Harness proven existing solutions
          • Identify key workflows and data
          • Ensure that increased efficiencies are guaranteed
          • Provide a platform that encourages participation and innovation
          • Create significant value add opportunities for all stakeholders

In Digital Transformation for Manufacturing a “High Performance” outcome takes priority over a “Hi-Tech” solution.


The Unified Digital Workplace: Efficiencies v Inefficiency

Every manufacturing business depends on digital workflows, version controls and approvals to function, together these create “assets” (knowledge) that allow the business to function creating wealth. In business today this knowledge is spread over multiple emails, apps, messaging platforms, meetings software notes and specialist software; it is  currently the accepted norm that managers accept that stakeholders retrieve that knowledge across multiple formats.

Any senior manager will recognise the spread of knowledge and work held across disciplines in digital silos, most will never have been able to quantify the digital efficiency of their organisation due to the diversity of apps in use.

“There is a highly valuable untapped seam of efficiency gains available if digital communication, projects and assets can be shared in unified workflows.”

When business-critical data and information can be harnessed and accessed from anywhere at any time in a “Unified Digital Workspace” we predict digital productivity gains of minimum 20%, with no impact on trusted existing software.


Creating a Unified Digital Workspace

The foundation of a unified workspace are the six pillars that any business is built around

          • Sales & Marketing
          • Finance IT and Admin
          • Operations
          • HR
          • Health, Safety, Quality & Environment (HSQ&E)
          • Innovation & Development

Any team, regardless of size, must currently share and collaborate over multiple platforms to function – here are some examples;

          • Senior Managers are supplied with data and reports from each business area through a variety of business apps and folders both internally and externally, and even in some cases by email or messaging.
          • A Shift Manager, based in operations, must access live data in multiple other pillars to function – HR, HSQ&E, Finance IT and Admin.
          • Operations and training manuals are shared and updated in a variety of formats.
          • Marketing Managers depend on new developments and success stories from across the business to promote differentiation.
          • Cross functional collaboration is essential in all business areas with formal and informal workflows being created to fulfil tasks.

The ultimate Unified Digital Workspace will be a paradigm shift:

          • Consider Digital Transformation with no disruption to existing software.
          • Workflows will be created by your team without the need for extensive consultancy. These workflows will facilitate Version Control and Approvals to effortlessly release data and assets to key stakeholders.
          • All key stakeholders will have controlled access with permissions to contribute to relevant process steps and decision making
          • Clear and easily accessible workflows with efficient data and asset management is the route to significant untapped savings.
          • Over time you will develop one controlled space, your Knowledge Resource Centre holding all critical digital assets and data that have been created and used to run your business.
          • Minimum 20% improvement in digital productivity
          • Just as an F1 driver unleashes the formidable power of their team and its technology via the F1 Digital Steering Wheel – Management will empower teams through a Unified Digital Workspace.

Your iMediaflow (IMF) Unified Digital Workspace

iMediaflow® is a ground-breaking easy-to-use cloud solution that significantly improves your team’s productivity. You will leverage productivity from their favourite apps with no business interruption.

This solution will eliminate the restrictions created by multiple silos in your business. As a manager or team member imagine no longer searching emails or file folders for business -critical data and digital assets.

Collaborate and share in your Unified Digital Workspace.

If you are a small to medium sized business of any kind Digital Transformation is possible without the normal complications associated with software updates.

For an informal chat on how iMediaflow drives digital productivity – email:

[email protected]


Author – Ray Black, Sales Director of CiT Digital, has operated in senior sales and manufacturing management for over 30 years