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Risky Business!

Do you prefer to play it safe or are you a risk taker?

Are you walking a tightrope with your valuable digital assets?


Most of us assess situations on a daily basis and take reasonable precautions to reduce risks, take an umbrella, wear sun screen and most importantly make sure your phone has enough battery charge, so you can keep in touch.

So, if you take care of yourself why would you run risks with your business?

Keeping your Digital Assets in a range of random hard drives, memory sticks and local folders leaves your business vulnerable to a number of risks that a good DAM solution will prevent.


Risk #1 Un-managed image and video files can be used inappropriately causing costly copyright breaches. Reduce the risk by storing images and videos along with corresponding usage rights and permissions.
Risk #2 Disorganised asset storage can leave you unable to locate files leading to you paying for them to be recreated. Eliminate costly reshoots and ensure that you can find your assets by applying accurate tagging and metadata.
Risk #3 Inconsistent management of sensitive files leaves them open to access by unauthorised staff. Allocate access levels to DAM users and take control over accessibility of your content keeping your assets safe and secure.
Risk #4 Having inaccessible content leaves you unable to access important files when you need them. Store assets in a cloud-based DAM solution and login to retrieve them from any device with internet access 24/7.
Risk #5 Using a variety of file delivery solutions leaves you with poor security and no traceable asset sharing history. Share files through a DAM solution and improve security as well as automatically creating audit reports.

Keep your assets safe with iMediaflow® DAM.