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Does your postman know your shoe size?

Who knows your mother’s maiden name, or the name of your first pet?

Do you tell your neighbours how you like your eggs?

We all sensor the information we give to the people we meet so that they only know what we want them to, and keep our private information safe, only sharing it with trusted friends and family.

Every website we visit makes us create a profile, we have a stack of different usernames, passwords, secret questions, favourite words and can even use our fingerprints to protect our phones.

But once they get to work, thousands of people store their digital files on random memory devices, local drives and shared servers without a hint of a password. GET A GRIP PEOPLE, there are valuable digital assets out there that need to be shared with discretion and protected with care just like your gold watch or Instagram login details!

So, what to do? That’s easy – you just need a decent DAM with User Profiles. With User Profiles you can create access areas for different user types and get full control over who can access the site features, what assets they can see and how they are allowed to download or share them. All fully password protected and all searching, downloading and sharing automatically recorded. Phew, a simple way to REMOVE the RISK of copyright breach, GDPR non-compliance and unauthorised sharing of sensitive files.

It’s time to stop oversharing, to find out more about User Profiles take a look at our infographic.