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Elevating the True Potential of Workflow Management in a Hybrid Environment Using a single Workspace!

Avoid using multiple apps to manage your workflow in your organisation when you can easily use iMediaflow® a purpose-built solution that collates all your information together in one place. Enabling you to share and collaborate across all your stakeholders within and beyond your enterprise. This means your teams can invite and gain timely feedback/input from your customers/agents/suppliers as required in your workflow, saving you time and money.

Why iMediaflow® is essential for your Organisation?

  • iMediaflow® – Empowering your teams to effortlessly manage and collate audit trail of all the documents and media files.
  • iMediaflow® – Collaborating the information spread across multiple platforms like MS Teams, OneDrive, and other project management tools through an automated and intelligent workflow.
  • iMediaflow® – Enabling your workforce to easily create, share, approve and distribute files across multiple departments using a centralised workspace